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Ring Road Shubha

Ring Road Shubha

Directed by : Priya Belliappa

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Ring Road Shubha is based on the real life of an advocate Shubha, who was convicted in the murder case of her fiance Girish.

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Nikita Thukral


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Ring Road Shubha Audience Review

A chick flick that fails to click

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Hyped up as all girls film, Ring Road, tries to provide a feminine perspective into the real life tragedy. However, in their exuberance to show that they are no less mortals than men in movie-making, Priya Beliappa and her team, badly falter taking the familiar commercial format. Where a nuanced and nifty approached to the narrative could have thrown up an interesting woman's take on the issue, Priya Beliappa and team simply go overboard with the film rarely rising to the hype they created for themselves.

Virtually taking a fictional documentary format to give their own interpretation of the possible thought process that went into real life Shubha's (in film she is Suma) mind towards her reluctant engagement and her plotting to have her betrothed dead, Priya and Co turn the film more into a egoistic trip than analyse the consequences in a more acceptable manner.

Full of chutzpah, the film, which has its routine song and dance numbers, Priya and Co showing that girls to can have fun, turns its protagonist being lured in by her inner conscience to have her freedom and escape from the clutches of filial trappings she is trapped in.

Instead of providing a sensitive, subtle and surefooted cinematic vision into the psyche of a woman, Priya and Co simple render Ring Road a pedestrian and insufferable pastiche than an exploratory and intuitive analyse of the real life tragedy.

Most of the characters are turned into cardboard ones and the film is too episodic crisscrossing between each character and trying to reason out their entrapments with their physical and psychological needs and make-up.

In a film which could have done wonders Priya and Co simply belie the expectations and throw their golden chance to have an award winning cinema at hand and turn into more of a narcissist trip for each of the crew, some of whom stride on the screen as themselves.

One other irritant factor with Ring Road is its length which is too tiresome to sit through given that it does not engage you or have an interesting approach to a real life saga.

Still, the girls have had their fun making the film and overall the film does show promise if only it was pruned and stuck to its basic core of capturing the conflict of a woman caught between pleasing her family and needing to break free like Ibsen's Nora. Sad! Priya and Co have wasted effort and energy in making a trite and trashy film despite the film concerned an ilk of their own.

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Ring Road Shubha