Rudra Tandava

Rudra Tandava

3.6 116 Ratings

Directed by : Guru Deshpande

Release Date :

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Rudra Tandava Credit & Casting

Chiranjeevi Sarja


Rudra Tandava Audience Review

Blood curdling bedlam

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Trust film-makers to take a leaf out of their own ilk to turn in a watchable, worthy film. No. With more emphasis going in to justify the title that their tripe venture takes, directors deploy all the tricks in the trade towards the same. As a result, sense gives way to nonsense. Subtlety is cast away for hyperboles. In the process, high decibel delirious drama, making a demi god of its hero, takes precedence over a script that had promise, if only the director believed in himself.
A remake of the Tamil film, Guru Deshpande's Rudratandava, in going with its godly title, spotlights on how a peace-loving, timorous, who starts to stutter the moment he gets highly excited, is roused into taking law into his own hands to avenge his brother's death, his friend's slaughter, and save his father from the ignominy of his failed supari given to finish the demonic mining madman.
With emphasis more on ensuring Chiranjeevi Sarja towers tall to be true to his Yuva Samrat screen moniker, director Guru Deshpande packs his Rudratandava with all the necessary blood and gore fights and ear-splitting dialogues.
Trust me, Rudratandava, has nothing really to write home about, except that Radhika Kumaraswamy as the film's producer, flits in and out of the frames, as Sarja's love interest. Made for the whistlers and cat-callers, Rudratandava is best to them to root and riot about, while the discerning can seek more pleasurable pastime than pay to sit and curse Rudratandava ad infinitum.

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