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RX Soori

RX Soori

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Kannada romantic crime drama film directed and written by Sreejay, the film is based on the life story of Paritaala Soori, a gangster in the Rayalaseema province of Andhra Pradesh.


“A vacuous violence & vendetta vaudeville”

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Duniya Vijay


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A vacuous violence & vendetta vaudeville

Rated 0.5 / 5

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How can one counsel a crowd towards eschewing distasteful commercial cinema, for whom films are but a carnival for chaos, cacophony and celebration of all things crass and debasing? Well, no.

So this week finds RX Suri bringing on celluloid the familiar machu, langu culture where gory bloodshed and rowdies rule the roost.

Sprinkled with successive doses of action, comedy, romance, songs, what have you, RX Suri seeks to indulge its audiences into two half hours of ennui driving, non-sensical screenplay of emotions and entertainment.

There is nothing redeeming about RX Suri which traverses the familiar trail of an innocent brother driven to becoming a rowdy and a beauty falling for the rakish and rougish charms of the man despite him trying to dissuade her from fanning love on him.

RX Suri, may work for Duniya Vijay's fans who lustily cheer and jig and jive before the screen as their celluloid God goes about playing the rowdy with a benign heart. Surprising the theatre was full for once. For rest though it would be wise to drive their RXs bike to another theatre and film than watch RX Suri which has nothing new to offer and is a redux of the genre one thought was slowly fading away. Sorry Sri Jai there is nothing truthful about the "true love story" that your film's tagline so tantasingly teases movie-goers to troop in.

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