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Shh....Echarike is a horror movie directed by Nagaraj Khandagal and stars Akshatha in the lead role

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No shivery spook this sprite

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Be warned, as goes the film's title, Shh Echarike is a dead as a Dodo and a virtual dampsquib. Made be debutants -- director, actors and producer, the film is no great shakes and woefully has one squirming in the seats.

Believing that all sound effects and no spine-chilling show would have the audiences in a thrall does the film in. Director Nagaraj Kandagal treads the familiar trail of films of the genre and brings nothing new to the screen nor his product.

So, instead of hair-rising and eye-popping moments at the matinee you are made to snooze and snore at the excuse of a tale that neither teases or torments you as a horror film ought to.

In sum, instead of giving audiences the works, Shh Echarike, woefully fizzles out into a waster Friday outing at the theatres and a pricey pinch at one's pockets. It's better to say away than troop in and suffer in silence.

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