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Simpallag Innondh Love Story

Simpallag Innondh Love Story

2.4 450 Ratings

Directed by : Simple Suni

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Simpallag Innondh Love Story is a film about two people who are different. On one hand, Khush is a happy-go-lucky guy, while Khushi is a girl who has big dreams for her life. They meet when Khushi is on her way back home.


“Simpallag Innondh Love Story fails to be Impress”

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Praveen Tej


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Simpallag Innondh Love Story Audience Review

A dull, dragging cupid caper-

Rated 1.0 / 5

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The unexpected success of an earlier film sees film directors driven into a false sense of certainty that the sequel too would strike it rich. But least do they know that success, sometimes can be ephemeral. What made the film click in the first instance may not necessarily work the next time around.
The case in point is Suni's sequel Simplag Inondu Love Story. It looks like Suni scripted and woved the story around the dialogues and strung a series of incidents to support his premise.
But, than Suni's gamble backfires. The film, with its dialogue heavy, languid and length narrative, only sends audiences on a soporific trip than have them engaged in the romance that he seeks to tell or the homily he tries to drum in.
The film turns out one long drive from Bengaluru to Karwar with twists and turns like the bends and curves that the long trip encounters and bit of banter with a kid sidekick and the two lead pair.
In sum, those that troop in expecting a deja vu experience may well be warned that they could rather watch the first and safely ignore the sequel.

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