Super Rangaa

Super Rangaa

3.4 94 Ratings

Directed by : Sadhu Kokila

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  • Critics Rating 3.3/5
  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Super Rangaa movie is a remake of Telugu movie Kick. 


“Upendra’s impeccable screen presence itself makes Super Rangaa worth the while. Brilliant songs and fitting dialogues recreate the magic of original Telugu film‘Kick’.​ Go for it!”

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Uppi ups the ante in this antics adventure

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Clean comedy has never been a forte with film-makers but for an exceptional and enterprising few. These few had made it a fine art, providing family audiences clean entertainers they would remember for a lifetime.

Also comics, in films, were a special breed in themselves, whose sheer presence was enough to send audiences into a tizzy. Let alone mouth mirthful dialogues that would pull the house down, but mime and mimic in such a manner that would send viewers into gleeful splits.

Sadly those days when Comedy was the King are gone. Today for majority of movie makers, comedy means teasing and taunting heroines, mouthing choicest crony dialogues at her anatomy and antics, more risque and dowdy the merrier, having audiences squirming in their seats.

Sandalwood's latest Real Star aka Upendra's Super Ranga falls in this dismal and dubious category. That it is a remake of a four year old Telugu blockbuster Kick makes it so much stale, with nothing novel to write home about.

Faithfully following the inspired blockbuster to the pith, comedian Kokila, who also plays a pivotal part in the puerile proceeding, ensures it is a proverbial potpourri of Upendra pranks. Sure enough, Upendra plays to the gallery to the hilt, giving them the kinky kick they expect, while, he himself, as Super Ranga, seeks similar high in life. Be it in jobs he takes, lasses he courts or cuddles, or the tricky thefts he commits leaving the cops fuming and flustered.

But then, what makes Super Ranga, a been there seen than ennui driven experience is that it is a second hand that has outlived its expiry date nearly four years back and no fresh juice to squish out of it.

Salman Khan may be an exception, but Upendra, whose tricks are as trite as the tepid tale, fails to pass muster, leave alone have one engaged or entertained.

Of course, his fans have a jolly good time. But then fan bases are limited constituents to bet one's box office prospects on. They need to cater to larger film viewing audiences and suit their picky palates as well. It is here Super Ranga fails miserably and falls flat. Having Kriti Kharbanda exposing oodles of skin may earn brownie points with the drooling, but not enough to prop the prospects of Super Ranga to have the cash registers ringing.

The only saving grace in the frivolous film is Ashok Kashyap's cinematography which captures the colourful canvas of Slovenia and Malaysia's touristy spots, with Petronas Twin Towers looming large in the azure Kuala Lumpur skyline.

Suffice to say remakes being the regularity with Sandalwood film-makers, audiences can expect no ready redemption from stale, soporific sagas that light up screens week after week wilting before the week-end.

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