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Directed by : K. Ram Narayan

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The film shows the hero's struggle to become a Police Officer and the rest of the story portrays him as a strict and dignified cop.


“A roar that roils you”

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Vinod Prabhakar


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A roar that roils you

Rated 1.0 / 5

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The cub finally gets to grow and roar like his dad. Yes Vinod Prabhakar, for whom success has eludes in reach the scale of his father seems to have finally been fulfilled with Tyson s/o Tiger.

As the title speaks for itself, Vinod Prabhakar looms large as Tyson, not the legendary Mike Tyson of boxing fame, but as an aspiring young man who wants to wear the mantle of khakhi.

Making use to the hilt director Ramnayaran has vested in him in the title role, Vinod Prabhakar delivers as expected but as audiences you are left benumbed and befuzzled at the need for such high decibel drama.

Even as a honest police officer he seeks to fight the corruptive system, his damsel's dad, however, is a man whose blood boils at the very sight of a policeman. Well, how Tyson tackles both the situation forms the high adrenaline romantic thriller Tyson.

As if Vinod Prabhakar's actions won't suffice you have Chikkanna the comic providing the necessary dose of drab comedy to relief the tedium.

Well, Tyson may see Vinod Prabhakar make a mark for himself on the Sandalwood marque but audiences? Lets leave it at that.

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