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Uppi 2

Uppi 2

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Directed by : Upendra

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A psychological thriller film written, directed by and starring Upendra in the lead role, and is a sequel to his 1999 film Upendra.


“Upendra Steals The Show”

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A mirage of miasmic, muddly mis-adventure

Rated 1.0 / 5

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This is a convuluted comic caper which leaves you mad as a madhatter. Upendra returns as director after a long haitus and it shows in Uppi 2. One wishes he had left his director avataar and stuck to acting. Not that there is anything new or novel in this as well.

Flitting between philosophical undertones and a reel drama, that literally has one reeling, Upendra seeks to whip up a racy, raunchy, romance-cum-action adventure which leaves audiences gasping for breath and total suspension of disbelief.

From the heady heights of snow clad, serene Himalayas to the rustic, ruddy and revengeful earthy reality, Upendra's Uppi 2, vacillating between the known and the unknown, at its core is a mundane, drama of a Don in Dubai seeking to usurp the property of a rich lass by design or deceit, while a fiendship foe in the form of Naanu - Neenu thwarts his attempt.

Full of psychedelic and hallucinatory goings-on, Uppi 2 turns out a bitter sweet experience as the star of the show mouths the choicest of dialogues, double meaning as also deceptively pouting philosophical phrases. All the characteristics of Upendra's trademark offerings are there aplenty.

As to whether Upendra's message melded in the medium reaches its intended drift is rather moot.

In sum, Upendra makes a suckers of all, as he romps, raves and rants in this village vaudeville that can either be vacuous or profound as one would like to take it.

Ultimately, in Uppi 2 WYSIWG - meaning what you see is what you get, lump it or dump it, Upendra has had his say.

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