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Vaastu Prakaara

Vaastu Prakaara

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Rakshit Shetty


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Time of Bhat’s vanvas from films

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Yograj Bhat returns to the marquee after a brief hiatus from films. Having tried his hand at the theatre in the interregnum Bhat seeks to find his mojo back at the movies. One sincerely wishes he had permanently bid adieu to the big screen. For, his Vaastu Prakaar is a terrible mistake he has foisted on his trusting friends.

Trying his hand at a farcical comedy, spicing it up with a dash of romance, Bhat's Vaastu Prakaar is a blot on his otherwise one film wonder box-office success Mungaru Male. In parodying people's fetish for the traditional belief in the making of houses, Bhat simply loses his plot, which turns out such a sham to sit through even for a minute.

Right from the first frame to the final freeze its 145 plus minute screen time is torturous ride into inanity and insipidness. That viewers are forced to tolerate the joking and jesting duo of Jaggesh and Rakishth Shetty with their asinine antics and despicable dialogues makes it even worse. One would sincerely not accurse even one's worst enemy with such a trash and terrible time in life.

Having said this, one can only pity the brilliant presence of Ananth Nag who is the only sensible soul who manages to keep your sanity intact with his bravura performance as the slighted, suffering husband and kindly father, as also Aishani Shetty, the distraught daughter, who manages to put up a decent show. Try Vaastu Prakaara if only to test your sense of resilience, else, let Bhat and his balderdash bite the dust, which is its only redeeming feature and fate.

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