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Vajrakaya is an action movie directed by Harsha and stars Shivrajkumar in the lead role

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Fists of fury

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Technically enterprising, thematically trashy tripe, cinematically crass and cacophonic, A Harsha's Vajrakaya is a familiar fetid fare which packs a punch.

Yes, given that Karunaadu Chakravarthy aka Shivrajkumar, looms large as Veera Pratap Simha, a wronged son blessed with diamond resilience, its fists of fury right from word go.

Sadly, what Vajrakaya seek to press home - one's mother is prime, and what it ultimately delivers - vacuous bloodless battles with baddies, speaks of the ill-conceived priorities of directors and their inane matrix of entertainment.

While the fans go delirious, hooting and showering coins on the screen, as the one man demolition squad goes about his destructive and preachy sojourn, you, as discerning viewer are left with a thudding headache, which even a dozen Anacin or Dart would not soothe it.

Full of jingoistic, jargonised dialogues to whip up regional sentiments - Karnataka-Maharashtra, Vajrakaya is a royal ride into risque, revengeful badland, as a son, takes on his feudal granddad, to bring sense into satanic man, who makes widow of those who cross his lakshman-rekha. Be it even his own daughter Lakshmi.

If the film works, despite its high decibel drama and glycerin induced tears, it is because of the three gloriously choreographed colourful songs, and the brauva performance of Nabha Natesh as Pataka. Besides this you need to a die-hard fan of Shivrajkumar to sit through the 145 minutes of Vajrakaya.

It is sad that directors fed on the heroics of their childhood heroes are more into hero worship then deliver a delectable film that is not only engaging but also entertaining meaningfully. That the scion of the Sandalwood's First Family too plays footsie instead of going in for finely etched script that would do him good as age catches upon him is another woeful let down. That's about it. Watch and suffer or go for a good thriller tome and enjoy a peaceful time at home.

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