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A 2016 Kannada action film directed by H. Vasu and written by M. S. Ramesh. The film, produced by C. Kalyan under Theja Cinemas banner, features Darshan as the lead protagonist


“A treat for fans Viraat offers nothing new”

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A Darshan show stealer

Rated 1.5 / 5

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On the face of it, Viraat, by director H Vasu, is a well-intended fare. In fact, right till the first half of the film, Viraat is a delightful watch, as three damsels throw their ring to covet the man of their dreams and the man himself busy to bag the power contract.

Post intermission, Vasu seems to lose team, and with it Viraat turn into a tiresome watch leading to its predictable denouement. Not that the first half was any better where every 20 minutes Viraat packs a punch to ward of his enemies and done that, is busy romancing the three damsels who dream of him as their partner.

Preachy, and over the top in terms of action, Viraat, does give one a heavy headache as well with its din and delirious fights and equal number of raucous songs films in Switzerland and thereabouts.

With Viraat being a Darshan show all the way three heroines Vidhishta Srivatsav, Isha Chawla and Chaitra Chandrakanth, has nothing much to do but dance attendance on him and woo him. As to who ultimately wins him is better left to be seen on the screen and the rationale for the same.

Veterans Suhashini Manirathnam and Sumalatha Ambarish go through the motions of CM and mother of Viraat as adequately as possible. In short, Viraat is strictly for Darshan fans and they are bound to go home with stars in their ears and spring in their steps. Way to go for Challenging Star who mesmerises his loyal legions be it with his well choreographed fights or sumptuously shot romantic songs.

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