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  • Putting a spin on routine romance


    Desimartini | Updated - May 22, 2015 14:38 PM IST
    2.4DM (55 ratings)

    Verdict - Like the theatre of the absurd here is a familiar love tale that teases and taunts you to musing watch

    Eradondla Mooru Watch trailerRelease date : May 22, 2015

    Experimentation seems to be the new normal among a brood of film-makers dotting the Sandalwood movie marquee. A welcome and interesting trend though it is, one would have appreciated if they go the full hog.

    Drawn from Tier-II cities and fed on cinema from their childhood these clutch of movie makers too seek to chase the chimera of celluloid success. Some have caught the eye, while few others have fallen by the wayside. But this has not deterred the influx to State Capital's cinema making centre. As to whether the audiences are game to accept and assimilate these is still moot.

    What's interesting though is that they are not shy of pushing the envelope and daring to be different from the familiar ones that have strode like colossus on Gandhinagar, who were never tiring of churning out trite and routine fare, feeding the masses with the same thrash.

    Mind you these brave new breed are no different in taking on themes that are done to death. What is interesting though is their approach to the same familiar formulaic renditions.

    It is in this regard that debutant director Kumar Datt's Erandondla Mooru should be seen and appreciated. Of course, he has fallen trap to the below the belt dialogues that sadly keep away the family audiences from single screens.

    Allegorical in his tackling of the theme of romantic love and also parodying the profession he has taken that first step Kumar Datt's Eradondla Mooru covets you with mixed feelings. While you appreciate his sincerity of experimenting with the medium, you also roil at the mundanity of his enterprise, which, if he had eschewed could have turned out a wonderful work.

    The novelty of the narrative that Kumar Datt brings to Erandondla Mooru is sucked into the quagmire of mediocrity of trash dialogues and tad repetitiveness of his scripting of his cupid caper.

    Spotlighting on a tale of love and friendship and trying to address as to whether friendships can be that and love different Kumar Datt, through his protagonist Sneha (Friendship) a playwright and Prem (Love) a jobless engineer friend who would rather do something on his own, tries to dissuade his love for Preeti (Affection) her friend, a blind musician and teacher.

    At least I was impressed by the Kumar Datta's attempt as to whether the same is well received by an audience that is not so receptive to such indulgent experimental fare is to be seen at the film's box office fate. Still a worthwhile attempt.

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    Rated 2.5May 22, 2015

    Putting a spin on routine romance

    Experimentation seems to be the new normal among a brood of film-makers dotting the Sandalwood movie marquee. A welcome and interesting trend thoug...read more