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  • Descent to desparation


    Desimartini | Updated - January 15, 2015 14:36 PM IST
    3.4DM (112 ratings)

    Verdict - Jousting with this jig and jiving MJ, aka Jathre Javere Gowda, is as good as drinking oneself into drunken stupor to snore away to glory

    JacksonRelease date : January 15, 2015

    Do the makers of Jackson, and its marquee star, have such low esteem of their audiences? Do they think them such dimwits who will digest whatever is proffered to them in the name of entertainment? Nothing can more succinctly explain their descent to such desperation than Jackson, which is a pox on the loyal audiences who make or mar their box office prospects.

    Jackson, honestly, has nothing sing hosannas about. Actually, words fail to describe the lunacy and ludicrous levels, be it director D Sanat Kumar, or actor 'Duniya' Vijay, film's magnet and reason for Jackson, have descended in dishing out such a disgusting thrash.

    Neither Vijay's frequent reference to his 'black' composition, nor the other actor's antics, who populate Jackson, bring the house down with their wisecracks. Crass than comical, risque than rib-tickling, every scene and situation in the 143 minute excuse of a film, you are made to cringe and squirm in your seats cursing the critic in you, and bemoaning the tragic fate of those that have trooped in for a bit of decent entertainment.

    With no logic or reasoning, subtlety or sensitivity at play, Jackson, infected with the jaundiced perceptions of its makers, it is a wonder how it has passed the censors, and seen the light of the day. God forbid such films are made, and audiences lap it up, in stoic resignation rather than question the intent of its makers who have not an iota of respect for the loyal fans and their simple expectations.

    One even shudders to think how Sanat Kumar, Vijay, and the leading ladies, who are portrayed in the poorest of light, had a heart in believing that their drivel would drive the audiences delirious with joy, while all it does is drive them nuts and to the nearest exit.

    The skeleton of a story is about how Jathre Javere Gowda, aka Jackson, turns a pain in the neck of Kumuda and family believing he is making her Fullllllllllll Happy as goes the film's tagline. Let alone Kumuda, even, we viewers are left stone deaf and in stunned disbelief at the high decibel drama that thunders from the screen.

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