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Mutinous Major



    Desimartini | Updated - May 08, 2015 3:09 PM IST
    2.9DM (122 ratings)

    Verdict - Taking cudgels against the defense kick-back cartel a NSG commando seeks takes on the establishment and clear his defense secretary mother’s

    Rebel (Kannada)Watch trailerRelease date : May 08, 2015

    If only every citizen in the country turned a Rebel for a cause may be the country would be rid of corruption, crooks and cronies. But how can one circumvent the law of the land except breaking it to bring the culprits to book.

    Well, in copybook style, trying to invoke his yesteryear super-duper hit Antha's magic, noted director S V Rajendrasingh Babu, seeks to replicate it for his son and actor-producer star Aditya.

    If Babu's Antha saw its protagonist Ambareesh get the moniker Rebel Star, whether Rebel would stamp the same suffix to his son Aditya's screen image is to be seen.

    With celluloid dreams for his stardom aspiring son Babu has returned to the marquee after nearly a ten year hiatus. One can see the same flourish and flamboyant spirit in Babu's directorial metier.

    For that matter, even son Aditya, as Major Karthik, who embraces court-martial to feeding as fodder his defenseless men in the cause of the nation, has fully justified papa's trust in him to deliver.

    But the film is too dated to the present times and in the absence of more meaty narrative and nuanced script, Rebel turns out a deja vu experience. Enterprising it may be, as to being entertaining and engaging it certainly is not. And that's a sad commentary for Babu is a seasoned practitioner who knows the pulse of his audiences.

    What is surprising and a sordidly silly sense of cinematic license is having the entire drama of defense scam being enacted in distant Singapore's Santosa Island.

    Providing a touristy sojourn of Singapore and its attractive sights, Rebel has nothing much to cheer and chat about.

    Other than Aditya, with a perfect foil in Sanjaana as the pickpocket, and a single song number, Rebel is as routine and rancid as it can be and makes no bones about it. So, whether you wish to rue a ruinous day or seek the AC environs of the darkened theatre for a three hour siesta is you, audience's personal choice.

    For me though, Rebel turned out a futile exercise and precious waste of time, money and energy, and thankful it not leave a headache as a hangover.