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  • Yes, take a break, from movies


    Desimartini | Updated - January 23, 2015 15:13 PM IST
    3.2DM (88 ratings)

    Verdict - In their express desire to catapult the star son into stardom in his very first film, the makers, playing safe, have made a mishmash

    SiddharthaWatch trailerRelease date : January 23, 2015

    Launching a star son is indeed a tricky proposition. For, he comes with the huge baggage of not only others of his family who have made it into the tinsel town, but also prove his pedigree that he too has it in him. While the young, novice lad, with celluloid dreams in his eyes, is ready to be groomed and amenable to the diktats of his well-wishers, it is those that go to make the film, who inadvertently ruin his prospects.

    For, how would you explain the washed out, wanton way, director Prakash Jayaram, of Milana fame, has rendered Siddahartha, which turns out such a ludicrous launch pad, for Vinay Rajkumar. Let alone, Prakash, pedestrian direction, it is his insipid script, which loses steam in the second half, not that the first was any better, that renders Siddahartha a mindless, mundane malasa.

    The film, which did have an interesting premise, of giving space for cupid struck couple, and that their relationship should be based on implicit trust and faith, is messed up by Prakash. The end result, Vinay Rajkumar pays a heavy price. That he has miles and miles to go to reach the Elysian heights of his great grandfather in Dr Rajkumar is no doubt. But in Siddhartha he is shown as footloose, fancy free Romeo who besides lugging along his guitar is ever bingeing on beer with his bunch of bosom buddies.

    Yes, the film has a youthful, peppy feel about it. But beyond this cosmetic touch to it, the film is a through and through trite romantic tale told ad nauseam sprinkled with homilies on how romantic couples ought to believe in each other and provide that breathing space and not be constricted by sense of fidelity and loyalty while it is still blossoming.

    Sadly, despite his debut film, Vinay Rajkumar turns out a tad raw and rough and needs to burnish his skills in all respects. As to the new find Apoorva Arora, the film is her show all the way, and shows plenty of promise. In fact, it is her presence that makes Siddhartha bearable to sit through its despicable last half hour and equally inane ending. It saddens to see an actor like Ashish Vidyarthi reduced to a buffoon and he has shamelessly let himself be bamboozled into accepting such repulsive roles just for the sake of moolah. As to the music, despite its feet tapping beats, it is bit hard on the ears. In short, this turns out a zero sum game for Vinay Rajkumar. Hope the films that follow has the lad finding his feet and better mentors shaping up his marquee career

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