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Bigg Boss 12 Live Updates:

Bigg Boss 12 Episode 1 Updates: Catch All The Action, Drama And Confusion That Happen In Bigg Boss 12 As Contestants Spend Their First Day In The House

Updated: September 17, 2018 10:07 AM IST

Bigg Boss 12 is all set to begin. Want to know what will happen on the opening day of this Salman Khan hosted reality show? Well, catch all the live updates here.

11:28 PM IST: Bigg Boss' First Interaction With The Contestants

Contestants interact with Bigg Boss for the first time in the show. Bigg Boss welcomes all the contestant and talk about all the different couples and single contestants in the show.  Bigg Boss explains that the jodis will have to stick to each other in case of tasks and eliminations and the fact that they will be counted as one unit and will have to have the same opinions and decisions while single contestants will play alone. He alse added that this year the battle is between the jodis and the single contestants. 

11:22 PM IST: Sreesanth Gets A Crash Course From Shilpa Shinde

Last season winner Shilpa Shinde gives a crash course to Sreesanth in the art of making rotis.

11:18 PM IST: Controversial Cricketer Sreesanth Enters The Show.

Cricketer Sreesanth makes a grand entry into the show. The cricketer, who is also known for his fabulous dancing skills performs to the song 'Sultan'. 

11:00 PM IST: Fate Of The Contestants In The Outhouse Is Finally Decided.

Salman calls the contestants sitting in the outhouse. Between Surbhi, Kriti, Roshmi and Mittal, Roshmi and Kriti are going inside the Bigg Boss 12 house as a jodi. Surbhi and Mittal exit the show.

10:56 PM IST: Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Rani Talks About How They Met

This Guru-Shishya jodi reveals how they met in Patna zoo. Deepak and Urvashi also sings 'Oh Humnava' before entering the Bigg Boss 12 hous.

10:49 PM IST: Gangs Of Wasseypur Singer Deepak Thakur And Fan Urvashi Vani Enter The Show

This will be a singer and a fan jodi in Bigg Boss. The two are from Bihar. Deepak has sung in Gangs Of Wasseypur.

10:45 PM IST: Khan Sisters Receive Top Ki Salaami

Somi takes the Top Ki Salaami as the panelists have decided.

10:43 PM IST: The Next Commoner Jodi Of Sisters Are Here.

Saba Khan and Somi Khan are two Pathan sisters from Jaipur who wants to take over everyone in Bigg Boss. 

10:36 PM IST: Shristy Rode Makes Her Entry!

Shristry Rode now makes her entry to Kamariya from Stree. She is accompanied by Rubina Dilaik.

10:33 PM IST: Salman Khan Goes To The Outhouse Now!

Salman Khan now takes us to the outhouse, where ex-Roadies contestants, Kriti Verma and Surbhi Rana and Kolkata based frenemies, Roshmi Banik and Mital Joshi. They reveal who they feel would be weak.

10:31 PM IST: Anup and Jasleen Enter The House.

It is evident that Karanveer has known Anup Jalota for a long time and respects him immensely.

10:04 PM IST: Surili Jodi Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu Are All Set to Enter!

Salman Khan introduces Anup Soni as the Bhajan Samrat. He mesmerises the audiences with a Bhajan.

He introduces his 'shishya' Jasleen, who has been performing with him on many shows. She reveals that she is in a relationship with her guru Anup. Their families have not known about this relationship.

09:58 PM IST: Panel Believes That Nehha Will Dominate Romil And Nirmal.

As per the norm, one has to take the top ki salami. Romil goes up for it because he thinks "kanoon ka muh kaala nahi hona chahiye.

09:51 PM IST: Contestant 7 Nehha Pendse Is Here

Nehha Pendse makes a dhamakedaar entry with milegi milegi song. She says that there is peace and love in Bigg Boss, even though little.

She is accompanied by her mom. She was skeptical about being in Bigg Boss but she is here because of her mother who loves Salman Khan and Bigg Boss.

She plays neighbour to Salman and enacts the scene.

09:43 PM IST: The Second Jodi Of The House Are Here

This is the jodi of a lawyer and a policeman. Romil Chaudhary is the lawyer.  Nirmal Singh is a policeman in Haryana. They are both friends from Haryana.

09:34 PM IST: Contestant 4, Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim, Enters The Show!

Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim, of Sasural Simar Ka fame is the next to be introduced in the reality show. She is in Bigg Boss house within just 6 months of her marriage. She made an entry with the song "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain".

She reveals that she is a family girl and will be living without a family for the first time.

She wants to be herself in the house and would put forward her opinion. 

She says that she might go back to her struggling days when she lived in a PG. 

Her husband Shoaib Ibrahim is also on-stage. They get romantic on stage as well.

Panelists also believe that she will be one of the strongest contestants! Shoaib himself drops her into the house.

09:30 PM IST: Sourabh and Shivashish To Enter The House

Sourabh and Shivashish enter the house now.

09:29 PM IST: Karanveer Is Excited to Enter The House

Karanveer loves the fact that there is a gym and a pool. What he loves the most is a jacuzzi though.

Now it is turn for the first jodi to enter the House.

09:27 PM IST: Topp Ki Salaami Begins

Karanveer Bohra receives Topp Ki Salaami where the cannon basically blackens his face. He received it because the panelists thought that Sourabh and Shivashish might defeat Karanveer.

He also becomes the first contestant to enter the house.

09:17 PM IST: Salman Introduces The First Jodi Of The house.

The first Jodi of the house is a businessman and a farmer, Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh Patel. They are both from Madhya Pradesh.

Shivashish reveals that he would be able to adjust to the new lifestyle and he believes in the motto, "Karo Ya Karwao".

Shivashish says that he is more spontaneous and Sourabh is more patient.

There already seems to be a fight about andas since Shivashish is a bodybuilder and he would need eggs for his diet!

09:11 PM IST: Karanveer Bohra Is The First Contestant

Salman Khan reveals that Karanveer Bohra is the first participant in this show. This comes up as quite unexpected since his name was not taken this while. He is performing to Palat song from Main Tera Hero!

Salman also reveals that Karanveer is a trained Kathak dancer and he also performs on the stage.

He also meets with his mother, wife and daughters. His wife gifts him a picture of their daughters as well.

09:09 PM IST: Salman Introduces The Panelists

This year, on the Bigg night, the winners of Season 10 and Season 11, Manveer Gurjar and Shilpa Shinde are present along with two journalists!

09:08 PM IST: This Time It WIll Be Jodis V/S Singles!

Salman Khan has revealed that not just jodis, but singles will also be a part of the show.

09:06 PM IST: Bigg Boss Begins With A Bang

Bigg Boss 12 has already begun. The excitement is palpable. Salman Khan has chosen a shimmer jacket for the opening day and he does look dapper.