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Blackbuck Poaching Case: Salman Khan Gets Bail, To Be Out By Evening

Will Salman get bail? Verdict After 2 PM. A Jodhpur Court will announce its verdict on the 1998 case against the Bollywood actors in which Salman has been accused of killing 2 blackbucks while other stars have been termed as co-accused in the case

Updated: April 25, 2018 02:19 PM IST

Stars Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu, and Neelam are in Jodhpur as they await the verdict with bated breaths on the blackbuck poaching case. A Jodhpur Court will announce its verdict on the 1998 case against the Bollywood actors in which Salman has been accused of killing 2 blackbucks while other stars have been termed as co-accused in the case.

Here's a recap of the events:

The case was registered by the Bishnoi community from Rajasthan. The community is known for its love for flora and fauna and it's against their principles to kill animals or cut trees. During the shooting of Sooraj Barjataya's Hum Saath Saath Hain in Jodhpur, the actors are alleged to have hunt 2 blackbucks. Salman Khan is accused in the complaint of killing 2 blackbucks near Bhagoda Ki Dhani near the city of Jodhpur during the night of 1-2 October 1998.

As per the public prosecutor, the actors were aboard a Gypsy and Salman Khan was driving the car when he spotted a herd of blackbucks and killed 2 of them. After being spotted, they fled from the spot. He has also been accused of carrying a weapon with an expired license.

Accused:Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Sonali Bendre and Tabu are the accused stars while the case also has 2 other accused, Dinesh Gawre (Salman's Assistant back then) and Dushyant Singh, who was with the actors during the time of the incident. 

Charges: The actors are charged under the Section 51 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act along with Section 149 (unlawful assembly) of the IPC. Salman has been charged under Section 51 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act. 

Salman Khan was released on bail on 17 October the same year and he was also held guilty by a trial court in 2006. The actor was sentenced to 5 years in Jail along with a fine of Rs. 25000. He was in the jail for 6 days before the sentence was suspended by the Rajasthan High Court. 

Other Poaching Cases: Salman was also accused in 2 other poaching cases of a blackbuck and a chinkara in Mathania and Bhawad villages. He was acquitted in both the cases but the Rajasthan Government challenged the verdict in the Supreme Court and the issue is currently with the Supreme Court. 

If Salman Khan is found guilty, he may face a punishment of 6 years in the prison under the section 51 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act. Stay tuned with desimartini for all the live updates:

03:01 PM IST: Salman Khan Granted Bail

Salman Khan gets bail in the blackbuck case verdict. He will be out of the prison by the evening. he will have to furnish bail bonds worth 50000 Rupees.

Its an interim relief for the actor and he will have to be present again here on 7th May for next hearing.

02:14 PM IST: Verdict to be out at 3 PM

As per the latest reports, the decision on Salman's bail has been delayed by an hour and the verdict will now be out at 3 PM.

02:11 PM IST: Sonam Kapoor Comes Out In Support Of Salman Khan

Actress Sonam Kapoor who worked with Salman Khan in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo came forward supporting the actor and tweeted that he's the best.

11:26 AM IST: Prosecution Says That On The Basis of Eyewitnesses Account, Bail Should Not Be Given

The lawyers from the Bishnoi community argued in the court that based on the eyewitness account, Salman Khan shouldn't be given bail.

11:20 AM IST: Shatrughan Sinha Also Tweets in Support Of Salman Khan

Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha tweeted in support of Salman Khan and feels that the court has been too harsh on the actor.

11:10 AM IST: Salman Khan's Counsel Mahesh Bora Says The Verdict Will Be out After Lunch

Salman Khan's head counsel Mahesh Bora told the reporters a couple of minutes back that they have stated their arguments and the hearing is over. Now, the verdict will be out after lunch at 2 PM. Then we will get to know whether Salman will get bail or not.

11:06 AM IST: Salman's Lawyers Argues That The Actor Is A Good Human Being

The hearing is now underway and the prosecution seeks maximum punishment for the actor and that he should remain in prison. While Salman's lawyers are saying that he has never jumped parole nor missed any court hearing and for the last 20 years has been following court's directives. 

11:04 AM IST: Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi At The Court Premises

Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi who was transferred yesterday arrived in the court:

11:02 AM IST: Preity Zinta Tweets In Support Of Salman Khan

The actress tweeted in support of the actor.

10:55 AM IST: The Judge Who Was To Give His Verdict On Salman Khan's Bail Plea Gets Tranferred

Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi who was hearing Salman's bail plea and was to give verdict today got transferred yesterday night after a transfer order by Rajasthan High Court. He was among a number of judiciary officials who were either transferred or promoted. Judge Chandra Kumar Songara will deliver the replace him. 

Dev Kumar Khatri, the judge who sentenced Salman Khan to 5 years in prison also got transferred. Now, there are reports that there might be a delay in judgment but we will get to know what happens before the end of the day.

01:19 PM IST: Preity Zinta Visits Salman Khan in Jodhpur Jail

Actress Preity Zinta has visited Salman Khan in Jodhpur. The actor is currently lodged in the Jodhpur Central Jail and Preity, who is a good friend of the actor, is in Jodhpur to visit Salman.

11:18 AM IST: Judge Reserves His Judgement Till Tomorrow

Salman Khan will stay in jail tonight as well as the judge has reserved his verdict until tomorrow. Both the prosecution and defendant counsel have stated their case and the verdict will be out tomorrow.

11:07 AM IST: Salman's Lawyers Present Their Arguments In The Court

Salman Khan's lawyers say in the court that the place in question is normally frequented by tourists as well. The acres is not a prohibited one and Salman's lawyers are also saying that the witness is unreliable. 

If Salman's bail plea is rejected, Sohail and Arbaaz Khan will fly to Jodhpur. 

10:52 AM IST: Pakistan's Foreign Minister Slams The Verdict Against Salman

Many politicians and political outfits are giving the verdict a communal angle as Pakistan's foreign minsiter Khawaja Asif said that it was discriminatory and Salman has been sentenced because he is a minority. 

The actor was given tea and glucose biscuits in the morning. 

10:49 AM IST: Hearing on bail plea starts

The judge has asked Salman's counsel to begin presenting their case. Salman's lawyers are saying that the actor is being framed and he is innocent. 

Salman's lawyers are also saying that the witnesses are unreliable.

10:42 AM IST: Salman's Friends And Family Members Arrive In The Court Premises

Salman Khan's sisters Alvira and Arpita have arrived in the court's premises along with his bodyguard Shera. Some of Salman's friends from Mumbai have also arrived in Jodhpur to be beside him. 

Salman's lawyer talks to the media about threatening calls:

10:38 AM IST: Salman Khan's Lawyers Draw Up a 51 Page Bail Application

The legal team of the actor has drawn up an application which has 54 grounds for the judge to grant bail. If the bail is denied by the district court, Salman's lawyers will approach Rajasthan High Court. 

The actor's legal team also said that they have received threat calls from gangsters and criminals. Calls were made from Dubai and Australia. 

10:29 AM IST: Salman Khan Spends The Night In Jodhpur Central Jail

The actor spent the night in the Jodhpur Central Jail in the VIP Barrack Ward Number 2 which was reportedly adjacent to that of Asaram Bapu. 

Salman's blood pressure was high but late stabilized and he was given badge of inmate number 106. 

His bodyguard Shera brought him some clothes and food but he wasn't allowed to give food to Salman. Salman was given a rug, a cooler and a wooden cot in his cell. He was also served dal roti which he didn't eat.

03:35 PM IST: Bishnoi Community Celebrates Court's Verdict

The Bishnoi Community is in full celebrations mood after the court announced a sentence of 5 years in prison to actor Salman Khan in blackbuck poaching case.

03:33 PM IST: Jaya Bachchan feels bad over Salman Khan's Verdict

Veteran actress Jaya Bachchan told the reporters that she felt bad for Salman Khan as he has done a lot of humanitarian work. 

03:31 PM IST: Hearing On Salman's Bail Plea To Take Place Tomorrow

Salman Khan's bail plea will be heard tomorrow at the Jodhpur Sessions Court. He has now entered Jodhpur Central Jail.

03:09 PM IST: Lawrence Bishnoi is in the same prison where Salman will be taken

The notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi who had earlier in the yearly openly threatened to kill Salman Khan is lodged in the same Jail where Salman will be taken.

Salman's lawyers had argued that Salman shouldn't be kept in the same place as Lawrence but the court didn't agree to it. The security in the prison has been tightened. 

02:52 PM IST: Salman's Bail Hearing Plea Rejected, Will Spend Night In Jodhpur Central Jail

Salman's bail plea has been rejected. His lawyers had rushed to the sessions court but the hearing will take place tomorrow. Salman has been taken to the hospital for his medical from where he will be taken to Jodhpur Central Jail. 

02:26 PM IST: Salman To Spend The Night In Jail, Will Remain In Prison For The Weekend

As per the latest reports, Salman Khan will spend the weekend in prison where he may share barrack with Asaram Bapu.

02:11 PM IST: Salman Khan Sentenced To 5 Years Jail

Salman Khan has been sentenced to 5 years in jail. He has also been levied a fine of 10,000 INR. The lawyers have already appealed to the High Court to save Salman Khan from spending the night in jail!

01:40 PM IST: Will Appeal Against The Acquittal: Bishnoi Sabha

They will analyze the judgment but they are asking for immediate appeal against the acquittal of Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam.

01:20 PM IST: Salman has paid the price of being a star, says Sameer Soni

Neelam's husband, actor Sameer Soni told the reporters that he is glad that his wife was acquitted but Salman has paid the price of being a star.

The prosecution said that Salman Khan is a repeat offender while Salman's lawyers said that he's a changed man now.

01:05 PM IST: Neelam's husband Sameer Soni feels that Salman Khan is paying the price for his stardom

Of the five accused, Sonali Bendre, Tabu Saif Ali Khan and Neelam were let off the hook in the verdict while Salman Khan has been convicted and conversation with Sameer Soni, Neelam's husband has said that Salman Khan is paying the price for his stardom as the case was filed on the premise that all five were together for the shoot of Hum Sath Sath Hain when the two blackbucks were shot.

12:56 PM IST: Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam have left the court premises

While Salman Khan has been convicted and is waiting to hear the quantum of punishment, other other Bollywood stars accused in the case, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu, and Neelam have left the court premises after the verdict was pronounced.

12:48 PM IST: Confusion over the quantum of punishment

The reporters mistook the victory sign of the lawyers of the acquitted to mean two years in jail. The public prosecutor says that they are rooting for maximum punishment, that is 6 years in prison time for Salman Khan.  

12:36 PM IST: 1000 Crores Riding On Salman

As per the reports, as much as 1000 Crores is riding on Salman Khan as he is involved in multiple films, reality shows, and brand endorsements. 

12:23 PM IST: Salman Khan Given A Two Year Prison Sentence

Salman Khan has been given a two-year jail term in the blackbuck poaching verdict.

He can and as his lawyers say, he will be applying for immediate bail as the quantum of punishment is less than 3 years. If he was sentenced for more than 3 years, he'd have spent the night in Jail.

12:08 PM IST: Bishnoi Sabha Will Appeal Against The Acquittal Of Other Actors

The Bishnoi Sabha, who is one of the parties in the case have decided to appeal against the acquittal of actors Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam. 

11:35 AM IST: Salman's Conviction Welcomed By The Bishnoi Community

Salman Khan's conviction has been welcomed by the Bishnoi Community, known as the protectees of the environment and animals.

Salman's lawyers are arguing for early probation while the prosecution has asked for the maximum punishment of 6 years. If Salman is sentenced to prison for more than 3 years, he will have to go to Jail today. 

11:31 AM IST: Salman Khan CONVICTED!

The actor has been convicted in the blackbuck poaching case while other actors have been acquitted by the Jodhpur Court. The quantum of punishment is expected shortly. 

11:25 AM IST: Bollywood Tensely Awaits Verdict On Salman Khan's Blackbuck Poaching Case

There is a lot riding on Salman Khan and the industry will be hoping the verdict goes in his favor. He is slated to appear in the 3rd installment of the Race franchise and his next film is titled Bharat with Ali Abbas Zafar.

He is also set to host the next season of reality game show Dus Ka Dum.

11:22 AM IST: Family Members And Friends Also Arrive At The Court

Salman Khan's sisters Arpita and Alvira Khan have also arrived at the court while Neelam's husband Sameer Soni is also there.

The security has been tightened as there is a threat to Salman's life while other lawyers have been banned from the court proceedings. 

11:18 AM IST: Actors Arrive At The Court

Saif Ali Khan has also arrived at the court:

11:13 AM IST: Court Proceedings To Begin At 11:15 AM

The court proceeding will begin at 11:15 am and Salman Khan and other actors have arrived in the court.