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100 Days Of Love

100 Days Of Love

3.5 360 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 153 Minutes

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100 Days Of Love is a romance-drama movie directed by Januse Mohammed Majeed and stars Dulquer Salmaan in the lead role

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Dulquer Salmaan


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100 days of love movie review

Rated 4.0 / 5
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When I heard the movie title, I expected it to be a 500days of summer inspired narrative. When I saw the trailer I thought it would be a reprise of Salala Mobiles. So what got me excited when the film started rolling was that '100 days of love' was neither of these. Yeah there is not much gusto in the love story and as if you are someone who grew up watching a lot of Hollywood romcoms, you know that the ending is pretty much preordained. Having said that I totally loved the movie. Because its treatment is something fresh for a Mollywood rom com. It's sappy but in a classy way, felt like a Hollywood flick made on a Malayalam script. Secondly characters and situations are totally relatable and some dialogues really cracked me up. Nithya was perfect but Dulquar felt a bit out of place at times. However no one else could have replaced BNK (Dulquar) and Sheela (Nithya Menon) from the industry. So in that way the casting was perfect but maybe Dulquar could try polishing his acting skills. Loved him delivering the bathtub monologue in Joker costume though. I'm not getting into the storyline because it would kill the fun if you have plans to watch it. Anyway google Balan K Nair before getting in if you are not familiar with that name ;)

Technicaly the movie tops. There is an yellowish blurry tinge in every frame and it gives the movie a dreamy feel, all thanks to Pradeesh Varma and Ajay Mangad. Pradesh's skilful lensing renders Bangalore cozy and chic and it feels right for its genre.

On the downside, the part about BNK's childhood felt a bit unbaked and characters such as Rocky felt unnecessary for the plot. Anyway Jenus Mohammed is definitely a talent to watch out for. One of the best releases of 2015 so far.

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