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1000- Oru Note Paranja Katha

1000- Oru Note Paranja Katha

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“Avoid this movie at all cost!”

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1000: Oru note paranja katha is so unbelievably pathetic that it is downright gigglesome. Jikku Mon (Bharath) is an autistic kid. His dad (Mukesh) gives him a 1000 rupee note with the ATM pin written on it. He loses it. It flies in the air like Aladdin's magic carpet, reaches the stratosphere, comes back and falls into a widow's hand. It stays with her for some time, then it passes through the hands of a tinker, a henchman, a housewife, a temple priest, a hospital attender, his girlfriend…well it's a never ending list. And it serves no purpose. Each of these characters stays on the screen for a few minutes and then the currency note is passed to someone else because….well I don't know. Probably because the movie has to go on for 2 hours and the director forgot to hire a scriptwriter.

The narrator of the story is the currency note itself and he is more didactic than your first grade teacher. And so one hour into the movie, we see that all these people who handled the currency note since the beginning, starting from Jikkumon, magically meet in a bus journey. Then for the rest of eternity, we are tormented with dumb jokes and a mindless script inside the bus. So sad that actors like Shammi Thilakan, Bharat and Mukesh had to be part of this brain-dead movie.

If you haven't seen 1000, you haven't endured pain yet. If I could rate this zero, I would. Unfortunately I can't, so I'm going with 0.5. Stay away from this one for your own good.

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