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Acha Din

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Set in the backdrop of God's own country, Kerala, Acha Din is the story of a family from Jharkhand who is now settled in the city of Ernakulam. The film is a family entertainer.

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Rated 2.0 / 5

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From my limited personal experience--when you are going to watch a Malayalam movie--you might either spellbound by the brilliance of the filmmaker or come out with a heavy headache, sadly Acha Din belongs to the latter.

Durgaprasad (Mammotty) eloped with his wife Sheethal (Mansi Sharma) from his hometown Jharkhand and he likes the beautiful Kerala. Duragaprasad works in a mall at Kerala and he can speak fluent Malayalam, the happy couple concerned about the fact they don't have baby. After meticulous treatment, Sheethal gets pregnant but falls in ill which pushes Durga Prasad in a difficult situation where he should handle deadly terrorists.

Ah, now you would have understood got the headache part. Yes, the film's storyline is actually good but the execution with the limited budget and blunt screenplay only tests the patience of the viewers.

Though Mammotty excels as usual, the other actors are not up to the mark and the film also suffers too many logic loopholes.

It's really difficult to believe the innocent Maamootty deals with the terrorist with so much ease may be a better writing would have done the trick but as of now, the film looks like an amateur attempt.

Overall, watch Acha Din at your own risk because it might not be end up as a 'good day' for you.

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