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“Poor performance, shoddy script and careless editing could very well make Akashangalil one the worst Mollywood movies in 2015. A disappointing way for Mollywood to kick-start 2015”

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Shankar Panicker


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One word- Horrible. So horrible that the word horrible is not horrible enough to describe how horrible it was. Brutally horrible. Awfully horrible. Memorably horrible. This movie is so horrible that it will make the word horrible look less horrible. This is the dead zone of film making. And I witnessed it.

It is the story of a bunch of pretentious morons discussing a story for a movie. There is no script or actors or proper editing. Random people parrot pretentious dialogues without any emotions- If Siri could read Manorama Weekly; this is exactly how it would sound.

This is supposedly a New Year prank I believe. Either that or the director is on meth. Leo is a lame singer and lives with a bunch of other lame heads. One of those lame heads writes a movie script and decides to share it with a director who beats 'em all in lameness and we see them discussing their lame story of Amala and Anantu. Amala is a retired airhostess who falls in love with a loser called Anantu. They talk shit and sing boring songs for 1.5 hours. I don't know what happened next because the last set of people who came in for the movie left by then and I couldn't sit in the theatre all by myself. Need I say more? Oh! and there is Shankar in the movie. What a shame.

The film has been scripted, directed and edited by Rixon Xavier. Sandosh Pandit has a new rival.

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