Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal)

Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal)

3.3 198 Ratings

Directed by : John Robinson

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  • Critics Rating 1.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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“Despite its sketchy script Asha Black is a decent attempt at a dark thriller. Good music and some star performances makes the film a one-time watch.”

Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal) Credit & Casting

R. Sarathkumar


Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal) Audience Review

Shadowed Predators.

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Nee Naan Nizhal starts with a killing inviting us to a thrilling affair. Along comes in Sarathkumar in a heavy Harley Davidson bike. The story shifts to Coimbatore where a young group is trying to make it big. Meanwhile Rohith (Arjun Lal) gets a friend request on facebook by a girl named Asha Black. Layers of cyber-crime, the need for love from near and dear ones and the stupidity of the educated crowd are present in this film. Sarathkumar is a police officer in Malaysia finding the truth behind the murders of Indian men, one man not connected to the other, with the help of his partners. All the murders point at Asha Black. The question is 'Who is Asha Black?' and what's her motive to kill these men?

Wait. Those layers may seem interesting, but on the screen, they look totally uninspiring. A comedy track featuring M. S. Baskar is unrequired. Asha Black, the mysterious girl, finds solace in the arms of the web world than with her own parents. She sends requests to strangers, so that she can chat with unknown people on the other end, who are able to listen to her worries and duties, and feel the love that she has not gotten from people she can call her own. Yes, a sympathetic story with a charming girl, should do fine, yet I saw no depth to sympathize with Asha.

The film has a mix of both, crime and romance, though in varying quantities. However, John Robinson, the director, has failed to gather right emotions through Nee Naan Nizhal. Internet is full of information and garbage; parents monitoring their children's activities, online and offline, will definitely lessen the burden of their children's emotional baggage.

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