Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal)

Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal)

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Directed by : John Robinson

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“Despite its sketchy script Asha Black is a decent attempt at a dark thriller. Good music and some star performances makes the film a one-time watch.”

Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal) Credit & Casting

R. Sarathkumar


Asha Black (Nee Naan Nizhal) Audience Review

Where there is light, there shall be no shadows

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Nee Naan Nizhal

A dramatic thriller which makes you think twice if the internet is a boon or bane to the young generation. Shot in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, 'Nee Naan Nizhal' aims to confront the shady side of what the internet can do to the children.

The story opens with Police officer Anwar Ali (Sharath Kumar) facing the heat because there is serial killer on the loose in Malaysia, the serial killer has in his kitty 5 Indian males who are not connected to each other in any way. Deeper investigations reveal that the only thread connecting them is a Facebook profile with the name Asha Black. Asha Black is the last person all the murdered men have chatted with just before dying. Parallely we meet Rohit (Arjun Lal) who is smitten by a girl who he meets on the internet, her name is Asha Black (Ishita). Their chatting goes on and we see Rohit falling hopelessly in love with a teenager, barely 17. Rohit decides to pursue his relationship and goes to KL to meet her to celebrate her 18th birthday. When he reaches Kauala Lumpur he is in for a shock and then skeletons tumble out of the closet. Rohit with the help of the cabbie (Manoj K Jayan) set out to find the girl of his dreams. Where do Anwar Ali's and Rohit's paths cross makes up the rest of this thriller.

The movie picks up pace in the second half, the first half drags a bit because of the long chatting scenes between Rohit and Asha. Sharath Kumar continues his acting brilliance and looks good too. All supporting cast too has done a good job.

The film has a very strong messaging about how parents should dedicate time to their children and also keep a tight watch on their social life on the web. Serious topics like child sexual abuse has been sensitively handled. Jecin George's music is good but the background score is jarring at points, killing the mood of the chase. John Robinson's direction is good but could have been better in bringing out the message of the story.

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