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Bhaskar The Rascal

Bhaskar The Rascal

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Directed by : Siddique

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The film is woven around its lead characters and what happens when two seemingly incompatible persons are thrown together. Mammootty plays rough and boorish Bhaskar, a businessman who lacks any refinement. Nayantara plays Hima, a confectioner who is everything Bhaskar is not. Hima is a suave and self-made entrepreneur who rad...more

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Bhaskar (Mammootty) is a middle aged wealthy widower and Aadi's father. Bhaskar's caddish demeanor is not something that Aadi is proud of, but for his friend Shivani (Anikha), Aadi's dad is the coolest dad in the world. Shivani also happens to come from a single parent upbringing; she lives with her wealthy widow mom played by Nayanthara. They feel that getting their good-looking parents married would be a good recipe for a wholesome family. And so, Aadi and Shivani start cooking up plans to make their perfect-for-each-other parents fall in love. Things go well until Shivani's real dad (J. D. Chakravarthy), who was apparently dead shows up at Hima's (Nayanthara) house (because plot twist).

And then the la la la land crumbles, but not for long. Enter Bhaskar the omnipotent. Goons are beaten up; mommy is rescued and villainous not-yet-dead dad is sent back to grave. Fairytale is saved and everyone is happy eating white chocolates and singing rhymes. Not sure if family entertainers are meant to be stupid and trite, but that's what Bhaskar the Rascal is. PG definitely, also clean and colorful. One could call it a decent kid-flick but nothing more than that.

If you are looking for a movie to show the kids, do treat them with some Bhaskar the Rascal, but expect nothing to please your adult sensibilities. Ladies, watch out for Nayanthara's gorgeous jute sarees. Tiresome gags, low brow humour and a logically challenged script, it's disappointing to know that Bhaskar the Rascal comes from a director who has given Mollywood its biggest hits.

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