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Chandrettan Evideya

Chandrettan Evideya

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Directed by : Sidharth Bharathan

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Sushama is a village based girl who loves his husband more than anything, but on the other side Chandramohan is almost sick with her love and care for him. Things becomes more complicated to Sushama when a good looking citybased girls enters the life of Chandramohan. How Sushama solves the problem and bring back Chandramohan ...more

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Chandrettan Evideya wasn't initially written for a movie, it's one of Santhosh Echikkanam's short stories, stretched and modified to fit into a movie's temperament. No one would blame you if you avoid a movie which has Dileep's face and a family movie label in its poster. Such is the quality of comedy flicks he had appeared in the past few years. In that way, "Chandrettan Evideya" is a decent humour film in Dileep's career. Nothing new with the storyline- it's the age tested formula of Malayalam family movies again- bored husband, clingy wife and a third woman who steps in to stir up troubles in their married life. But Sidharth Bharathan offers a refreshing take on this familiar storyline with 'Chandrettan Evideya". The humour is subtle, characters feel real and unlike other family dramas, this one doesn't preach family values.

Chandramohan (Dileep) and his wife Sushama (Anushree) are government employees living apart in different cities because of job. On their family trip to Thanjavoor, they meet an astrologer who predicts the possibility of Chandramohan getting into an extra-marital affair. The reason? To reunite with the love of his past life, Vasanthamallika. The storyline sound a bit inexplicable at first, with astrology and rebirth tales, but does the movie really want us to buy that "magic" element? Was Geethanjali (Namitha Pramaod) really Vasanthamallika? It needn't be, or that's how I'd like to see it. The movie doesn't impose anything on you; you could believe it was magic or you could think consider it to be a coincidence. The movie lets the audience and its characters to choose the versions of reality they prefer, like how Soubin Thahir's character says; Chandramohan could be seeing it as an excuse to date Geetha.

Anushree and Dileep have delivered good performances. Special mention to Soubin Thahir and Vinayakan. Vinayakan plays Raja Raja Cholan and his expressions are hilarious! Casting him as king Chola probably hints that you shouldn't be taking this rebirth story seriously. Soubin impresses and makes you want to know his name after the movie. A decent watch.

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