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Charlie is a Malayalam film directed, co-written and co-produced by Martin Prakkat. It stars Dulquer Salmaan in the title role, with Parvathy as the female lead.


“Charlie wont disappoint,Go for it!”

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A Visually Splendid Film With a Heart

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Charlie is director Martin Prakkat's 3rd film (after Best Actor and ABCD: American Born Confused Desi) and it re-unites him with Dulquer Salmaan with whom he has worked earlier in ABCD. The film has been talked about thanks to Dulquer's cool new look in it and for bringing back the Bangalore Days pair of Dulquer and Parvathy. No surprise that despite 3 other films releasing alongside for Christmas, Charlie has gone to become Dulquer's biggest release of his career so far. So is Charlie worth all the attention and has Martin Prakkat delivered a good festival entertainer? Well read on to know more.

Charlie (Dulquer Salmaan) is an enigmatic young man, who describes himself as a "Jinn", someone who keeps moving around and is a free bird in every sense. Tessa (Parvathy) starts off by getting curious about Charlie, slowly getting drawn to him as she tries to trace him. In the process she ends up meeting various people who have encountered Charlie at some point or the other as she continues her journey. Narrated in a simple yet interesting fashion, Martin Prakkat takes good care in converting Unni.R's screenplay into a cinematic display on screen.

The focus is mainly on Charlie and Tessa and all the other characters are merely adjuncts in their tale. Jomon T.John's cinematography is wonderful, doing complete justice to the lovely locations present in the film. Gopi Sunder's music works well for the film, the songs have already been popular before the release and the haunting "Sundari Penne" (lyrics by Rafeeq Ahamed and vocals by Dulquer) is something you remember well after the screening is over. The costumes (Sameera Saneesh) and the production design also deserve special mention as they lend the film quite an eclectic look.

The film has a good supporting cast of whom Nedumudi Venu, Soubin Shahir and Chemban Vinod leave an impact. Aparna Gopinath has more of an extended cameo but her presence does add weightage to the tale. Both Parvathy and Dulquer are impressive in their own ways, lending a lot of charm and grace to the characters of Tessa and Charlie respectively. It's tough to think of anyone else in their characters, so well have they played them. Charlie is a simple well told tale without any pretense to be overambitious. Unless you are expecting something extraordinary Charlie certainly is a film that would work for you.

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