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The Dolphins

The Dolphins

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Directed by : Diphan

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The Dolphins is a drama movie directed by Diphan and stars Suresh Gopi in the lead role


“The Dolphins is a thorough entertainer. Anoop Menon gave a great script, Diphan directed it really well and Suresh Gopi stole the show. Must watch! ”

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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I have a strange sense of aversion towards things that come with an Anoop Menon tag. If you happen to like Trivandrum Lodge, you should probably ignore this review. Pardon me for my biased stand. So this time it's Dolphins Bar after Hotel California and Trivandrum Lodge. I bet he is working on some Restaurant/Guest House theme for next summer.

Anoop Menon movies have grown into a cult of its own post Cocktail for its bold raunchy dialogues and off-colour humour in the new age Mollywood landscape. Beautiful was refreshing but his later attempts all felt like a poncey-smutty retread. So let me clear what this movie is not- it's certainly not a Trivandrum Lodge and there aren't many cringe-inducing jokes as such (it exists though), I really don't know where to put it, because it appeared like it's trying to be bit of everything- thriller, drama, comedy and the now popular fad- "glorification of Indian womanhood", but fails miserably everywhere.

Panayamuttam Sura (Suresh Gopi) is one of those typical stinking rich liquor barons hailing from Trivandrum with a rag-to-riches backstory. He has a Pranchiyettan Complex which makes him take spoken English classes and pursue a mysterious Meghna Raj despite his happy matrimony with Vavachi (Kalpana).

Then there is of course Anoop Menon to play the act he wrote for himself, this time as Sura's best friend- an indubitably *coughs* charming romantic rogue who spends his life shuttling between Goa and Trivandrum playing guitar and romancing young women *coughs, gags and dies*. He is seen giving unsolicited advice to Sura on wooing women every now and then.

Saiju Kurupu, Suraj Venjaranmood, Joju, Nandalal Krishnamoorthy and Irshad are seen playing other major roles. Nishant Sagar sat next to me in theatre so let me add that he did a wonderful job being Sura's chary bodyguard.

The movie starts off really well with a lot of confusing flashback sequences and grisly whodunit serial murder plots that make us surmise that we are in for some meaty suspense thriller but then takes diversions after the initial roll of credits to parallel subplots dealing romance, drama and some Lelam style monologues.

In short Director Diphan's The Dolphins Bar has some flashes of fire to keep you engaged for 2 hours with a Gopi Sunder music score but fails to etch depth due to its incoherent narratives. What I liked the most about the movie was the pairing up of Kalpana and Suresh Gopi. They looked quiet realistic onscreen as a couple. I would recommend this over Lal Bahadur & Shastri if you like an engaging storyline over infantile comedy. However minus one star for Anoop Menon's grotesque display of chest hair.

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