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Ennum Eppozhum

Ennum Eppozhum

2.8 133 Ratings

Directed by : Sathyan Anthikad

Release Date : | Length : 149 Minutes

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Mohanlal plays Vineeth Pillai, a bored scribe who has been working for a family magazine for the past twenty years. Kalyani, the new editor-in-chief, decides to revamp the whole system and get rid of the old staff. In order to make life difficult for Vineeth and get him to quit, he is assigned with the tough task of interview...more

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Ennum Eppozhum comes with Sathyan Anthikad's patented optimism and feel good overdose.

Let's face one thing right off the bat; if this script didn't come with its attractive star cast and Sathyan Anthikad tag, reviewers would have trashed it a long time ago. But since it's a movie from a veteran director featuring two of industries finest actors, opinions are often sugar coated and I prefer not to diverge from established practices.

So starting from the sugar crust, Mohanlal was good like always and I too share the mainstream affection for Manju Warrier, but for reasons other than her 90s performances. I'm secretly enjoying the fact that a female figure is finally receiving superstar cult status in an otherwise male dominated industry. Manju Warrier has turned into a name that could pull crowd into the theatres.

Except for Reenu Mathews and the woman who plays her mother, Ennum Eppozhum has great casting with Innocent, Lena and Jacob Gregory performing sides and Mohanlal and Manju Warrier in the lead roles. Their aggregate star value lifts the otherwise boring script to scales of watchability. But Reenu Mathews and her mommy character offers some bad acting and it's a pain to watch every time they appear on screen. Unfortunately they hog on some substantial screen time in the first half.

Reenu is Kalyani, the new editor-in-chief at Vanitaratnam, a women's magazine where Vineeth N Pillai (Mohanlal) works as a senior journalist. Her foreign degree refuses to accept the lazy mantle of a man that Vineeth is, so when the task of interviewing activist celebrity advocate Deepa (Manju Warrier) for the magazine's anniversary issue falls upon him, he knows that it would decide the fate of his job. Hence interviewing Deepa becomes crucial for Pillai, but much to his misfortune, she turns out to be too self-effacing to seize some magazine fame.

Vineeth tails her, first to get his job done but later out of curiosity and develops a liking for her. Because who wouldn't? Here's a successful advocate cum single mother cum social activist cum Bharatanatyam dancer who finds time to practice her art and make smiley faced rotis for her school going daughter every morning. She is also seen doing weekend shopping with her friend Lena in an inconspicuous product placement scene for Kalyan and Lulu.

For filling two hours, we have a couple of antagonists but they don't really pose any risk to Anthikad's otherwise relentlessly cheery utopia. Sathyan Anthikad could in fact sue himself for plagiarizing his previous works - friendly aged neighbors with successful marriage, single mother protagonist, mamma love and preachy family values finds its way into this movie too. It has become so repetitive that you can't really blame if someone who started following Anthikad movies only until recently tell you that he lacks creativity. But that isn't really the case, those people should go watch the movies he made during the first decade of his career know how cool Anthikad can be.

The real reason might be more like he has found a safe haven in the family-movie niche, and he knows well that the youth who applauded for the fine films two decades back have grown old with him, and they'll be happier to watch some clean agreeable entertainment while booking tickets with family in these days of "new-generation" cinema which can't do away without reference to drugs, booze and sex.

So here's a clean moral science session for 2 hours to take your kids along. Then there is Manju Warrier to make you nostalgic and Mohanlal to remind you how good movies were, back in those days when Sreenivasan wrote scripts for Anthikad.

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