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Release Date : | Length : 118 Minutes

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Fireman is an action-dram movie directed by Deepu Karunakaran and stars Mammootty in the lead role

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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Strictly in terms of keeping the audience engaged, Fireman has done a decent job. Neatly edited scenes build up enough anxiety in the first half and never meander too long at any particular subplots. The movie essentially is the story of a one day fire rescue operation.

But as for the content, well, one can say Fireman is more of an educative film on fire rescue missions told without any ingenuity or artistry. It is your regular Indian "Mass" movie, with a larger than life hero who saves the day with his bravery and extraordinary intelligence.

The good thing about the story perhaps is that it sheds light into the everyday lives of firemen and tells you what goes behind fire hazard rescue missions. Okay, not an impressive USP but still I didn't know that an LPG tanker accident could be such a big trouble, so thank you Fireman for that, it was quiet an informative piece but I would still like to know how I should derive some sense from the hastily scurried up ending.

Special mention to the shockingly embarrassing Special Effects. I don't know why the producers were so tight ass about spending some bucks on the VFX especially when a large portion of this movie demanded some decent computer graphics. Even the Ramanand Sagar series of Ramayan in the 80s could have pulled off better fire scenes than that.

Mammooty (Fireman Vijay) acts effortlessly but occupies most of the screen time. Then there is Nyla Usha (Sherin Thomas IPS) , Siddhique (Iqbal) and Unni Mukundan (Shajahan) as support cast. They all work on the rescue mission laid out by Fireman Vijay and religiously follow his instructions. Somehow all his predictions turn out true and world is a happy place again. Salim Kumar plays the antagonist and has surprisingly put up a bad show. To skip the details of his suspicious identity, the script kills him in an accident and beetles off to a predictable climax. A one-time watch, not more than that.

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