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Directed by : Binu S

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“Ithihasa has an absurd story line, bad direction and is too long. Even a kickass performance by Anushree doesn't help the movie. Skip it!”

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Shine Tom Chacko


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Another one to avoid

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In the downward spiral of Malayalam movies Ithihasa falls somewhere between watching a redundant superstar parade around like temple elephant, and watching a movie where Kalabhavan Mani is the aggressive hero. A film by debutant director Binu S., Ithihasa stars Shine Tom Chacko as Alby and Anusree as Janaki in the lead roles. Their task is to convince the audience that upon exchanging a pair of enchanted rings they have managed to swap their bodies. The premise obviously sends us straight back to the early 21st century Hollywood bizzaro comedy, Hot Chick.

Two problems, first, the storyline is not timeless and is mind-numbingly dated in an age that has gone past gimmicks from the 90s - possessed rings and body swaps. The other is purely assumption based on fact, that for a chronically patriarchal Malayali audience, a woman's body will first, always be a joke to snigger.

The film also stars Balu Varghese as Vikku, partner to Alby in their petty thievery. Sunil Sukhada, and Joy Mathew who they have roped in to spout stupidities like, "It's a strange case, but sounds interesting." Performances are exaggerated and once the sex-swap has occurred, it seemed like they were trying to prove it on the strength of their acting. Songs are an added burden in the two and a half hour run. Don't waste your time on this limp attempt at entertainment and filmmaking.

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