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Directed by : Jahangir Shams

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Karanavar is a comedy-drama movie directed by Jahangir Shams and stars Mukesh in the lead role


“122 minutes of torture with bad script, over-done performances and pathetic music.”

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Karanavar is a movie that looks like it was made with some abandoned script that was written for a movie in the 70s.

Manikandan (Divyan Darshan) is a good hearted young man from the Valuvanad who talks like an 80 year old. People of his village call him the 'Karanavar' and kiss his saggy back for some unknown reason.

Following his father's early death, Mani was forced to shoulder the family responsibilities as his elder brother Satyan (Mukesh) had ran away from the family. Probably the reason why he acts like an old cuss the whole time.

There is not much of a storyline as such and whatever fills up the outdated script is totally absurd and preposterous. Manikandan has a crush on his cousin Ammu (Sreelakshmi) who happens to be a walking-talking wardrobe malfunction. But then Satyan returns home from nowhere after 20 years and his family decides to get Ammu married to Satyan, who is probably double her age.

Ammu goes all Summer-in-Bethlehem with Karanavar and asks him to help her out as he is in love with some Arun. Karanavar ends up being an epic washout.

Arun meanwhile has no idea what he really wants, I was expecting some cliche love revenge from him, but he surprised me by coming out with a lamer plan than that.

Satyan is like totally lost. He is in some parallel universe, confused with his ludicrous dialogues and crassy low budget sets that he is totally not in a mood for romance.

All that is left is some soul destroying song sequences that will put Sandosh Pandit to shame. Then some token action scenes with blasting dishoom-dishoom bgm. And bleh.. bleh..bleh. Movie ends.

The only time I got remotely interested in looking up from my phone was during the romantic song of Mani and Ammu. Their acting, the costumes and the setting was so hilarious that I laughed really hard. I hope they meant it to be funny.

The cast had a fair share of veteran actors but the stilted script made sure that everyone outperformed the other in over-acting. The only person who made me genuinely happy was Joju George. Everyone else disappoints but I won't blame them because the script was a big joke. Skip this one or get ready for some 122 minutes of torture.

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