King Liar

King Liar

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Directed by : Lal

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Malayalam comedy film directed by Lal. The screenplay is written by Siddique. It stars Dileep and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles


“King Lair recreates the old Siddique-Lal magic but only in parts”

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King Liar Review- A one time watch

Rated 2.5 / 5
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### After a long gap director duo Siddique-Lal reunite to bring us King Liar , a comedy film following the trials and tribulations of a con man with a good heart, Dileep essays the central character Sathyanarayanan and Madonna Sebastian plays Anjali - Sathyanarayanans love interest . Lal and Asha Sarath play the pivotal characters.


### The first half of the film follows how Sathyanarayanan tries to win over Anjali, while the attempts at humour can be appreciated some of the jokes aren't that funny whereas as other times it hits the mark, Dileep offers nothing new with his performance, Madonna Sebastian manages to pull of her role and Balu Varghese does a great job as Dileeps comic sidekick.


### However second tends to over reach and comedy takes the backseat, the filmmaker duo tried to recreate their old formula of a humour filled first half and a slightly more serious second half unfortunately this time the film fails to hit the mark overall King Lair recreates the old Siddique-Lal magic but only in parts.


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