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Directed by : Basil Joseph

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The movie narrates the story of Kunjiraman (Vineeth) who lives in a remote, old world village in Kerala, surrounded by greenery, myths and legends.


“A simple fun film”

Kunjiramayanam Audience Review

Simple and endearing fun

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Releasing here in Tamil Nadu a week after its release in Kerala, Kunjiramayanam certainly was not set out to take itself too seriously at any point. We have all witnessed many great movies in Malayalam such as Vadakkunokkiyantram, Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala, Thalayana Manthram and many more with one of the most ingenious artist of our times, Sreenivasan, in the lead roles. All these movies had a message which was conveyed in the best way possible along with some impeccable comic timing from all the actors involved. These movies proved to be a benchmark in Mollywood. They are still appreciated and watched for the way in which the serious tones of the movie were executed pragmatically.

Directed by debutant Basil Joseph, and starring Vineeth Sreenivasan and Dhyan Sreenivasan, both sons of the veteran stars, one cannot help but notice the way in which both of them carried the same charm that their father did. Especially Vineeth Sreenivasan, who purposefully imitates his father in most of the scenes and walks away with all the laurels. The next in line for best acting here definitely should go to Aju Varghese who plays Kuttan, a mentor to the gullible Laalu (Dhyan Sreenivasan). Being recognised widely for his role as Abdu in Thattathin Marayathu, Aju Varghese has definitely carved a niche for himself. His simple 'mind voice' reactions, pep talks for Laalu, and that particular scene where he mistakenly gets caught for stitching a blouse out of a police uniform has everone in splits.

Kunjiraman's mother(Seema G.Nair) and her brother Vasu(Mammukoya) fight and split over the lamest of reasons and openly announce that their respective sons will get married to a better girl than the other. However, some sort of a curse befalls the people of Desam and Kunjiraman becomes the reason everytime.

These curses are not what you expect and even when the background music turns all eerie and scary we know something really silly is going to ensue and it sure does. There is a cameo by a well known star and the climax ends on a hilarious note with the star just having to bite his lips to make us all laugh.

Songs by Justin Prabhakaran are gratifying. Scripted by Deepu Prabhakar, Kunjiramayanam, though having no relation with its title is a simple and endearing tale about the people of Desam, a place where superstitions and gossips rule the everyone. It also ironically indicates how many menfolk of Kerala, are more worried about alcohol than their own lives. There is a particular scene where a person carrying a bottle of 'salsa' falls down and he hopes that his wet shirt is because of blood and not the broken bottle. Perhaps this was that little message that they try to convey afterall.

Go watch it for the pure two hours of fun that this movie is. It will have you smiling like an idiot for the most part.

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