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Life of Josutty

Life of Josutty

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Directed by : Jeethu Joseph

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An Malayalam film directed by Jeethu Joseph.


“A Feel Good Movie!”

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Josutty wins your hearts

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Still basking in the success of "Drishyam", which having been remade into four other languages has earned director Jeethu Joseph national recognition. He directed the hugely successful Tamil version too, "Papanaasam" with the bigshot, man of all seasons, Kamal Hassan in the lead. After this, "Life of Josutty" with Dileep in the lead role, definitely had most of the people wondering if this would too, like Drishyam, be a suspense thriller. This led him to make clarifications, stating that there are no twists or suspenses here. His decision to not let people brand him, has paid off.

"Life of Josutty", is as simple as the title. It is about the life of a man named Josutty and also Jeethu's love for aerial shots of sprawling lands, scenic locales, and the beauty of nature. There are some amazing visuals. Right from the start, one cannot help but notice Ravichandran's work. Cinematography at it's best.

So apart from Jeethu and Ravichandran, Dileep as Josutty wins all our hearts. His portrayal of a simpleton, doing everything right by his heart, smiling all the way through, making you cry as and when he does, is something that is not new to him. We all missed this Dileep in many of his last outings. This 46 year old star, having acted in more than 100 malayalam movies, is synonymous with these down to earth types of roles. Jeethu's characterisation of Josutty couldn't have had a better actor than Dileep. Even as he plays the third hero of the movie after Jeethu and Ravichandran, his role is the one which will stay in your hearts. Even his musings are fun to watch.

The story (autobiography, as it is deemed to be) unfolds as Josutty himself narrates it. This is his life, where-in he revers his father, loves his mother and sisters, and always takes things in his stride. Coming from a poor family, mostly because his father was too good and giving, Josutty too never really excels in anything. He falls in love with his neighbour Jessy, but, because of his family status is not allowed to marry her. Considering both of their families' peace of mind, he decides to let her go. This is just one of the few things that he has to let go. He later gets married to a girl named Rose, getting to know her through a matrimony ad in a newspaper, who is currently divorced and living in New Zealand. Josutty's life turns around and some of his autobiography's life changing chapters take place in New Zealand.

Throughout the runtime, we constantly feel bad for Josutty. Jeethu makes a hard hitting statement that, like in our very lives, the hardest decisions are the ones where we have to choose between good or bad. This is ironically depicted here as a war between the good and the bad angels, acted to perfection by Dileep.

Suraj Venjarammoodu and Chembil Ashokan have done a great job as usual and stand out from the rest of the cast. Rachana Narayanankutty as Jessy does a good job too, but, Jyoti Krishna as Rose could have been better.

Music by Anil Johnson is pleasing, especially "Mele" rendered by Shreya Ghoshal is beautiful and captivating.

The movie running for a straight three hours, could have undeniably used a bit of trimming. Otherwise, "Life of Josutty" with a perfect script is the best reason you all could have for a family outing.

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