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Directed by : Renjith

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  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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Loham narrates the story of Raju (Mohanlal) a taxi driver and Jayanti (Andrea Jeremiah) who is arrived from Mumbai with a special purpose and hires Raju's taxi for the ride. The incidents happened in between their one day journey and the people they come across is the plot of Loham.


“A one-time watch which doesn't fit into the category of neither mass nor class. ”

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Director Ranjith has delivered another commercial entertainer with a difference.

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When Mohanlal and Ranjith decided to team up after ages for an action-thriller, the expectations were sky high. Have they lived upto it? Well... Yes and No! Loham starts on an extremely slow note and ends up testing your patience for the first 25 minutes. One expects Mohanlal to arrive at some point in the first ten minutes, but Ranjith just keeps us waiting and waiting with a lot of unwanted emotional scenes that just drag on and on. But once Mohanlal arrives the movie picks up and gets deeper into the story. Ranjith promised the audiences a different Mohanlal in this movie so has he kept his promise? YES AND NO! First of all Ranjith must be appreciated for generating an interesting screenplay that keeps up hooked in some parts of the movie. Although some scenes are boring and lack magic one can clearly make out the efforts the ace director has taken to come up with something different in the commercial format.

It is no easy task to cater a movie to both Mass and Class Audiences. Ranjith succeeds in this to a huge extent by bringing out good performances from his star cast. Mohanlal doesn't deliver anything new in Loham but still manages to perform his role effortlessly. If you like Mohanlal in an intelligent, smart and funny role with MASS then Loham is sure to please you. Siddique also has a meaty role to perform and although his character has negative shades it is not the stereotypical villain role. Ranjith has crafted Siddique's role in such a manner that it brings out one of his most sophisticated performances. Andrea has nothing spectacular to contribute but fits in well with the storyline. Veteran actress KPAC Lalitha also has a prominent role in the film. Although her role is quite short, she sure makes her screen presence felt with a captivating and powerful performance. The rest of the characters in the film are just adequate enough for the storyline.

On the technical side, the songs are quite misplaced and don't add any value to the film. The BGM and the screenplay however more than make up for it. Although the film follows quite a different format Ranjith has ensured that the film has a decent amount of substance mixed with the MASS factor of Mohanlal to make it a complete entertainer. Even though the trailer revealed the basic plot, the audiences are still in for a lot of surprises and Ranjith fills it up with a lot of suspense and twists to make it more interesting. The screenplay is quite complex and requires some patience to follow but this makes the overall film much stronger. Malayalam directors are known to make some of the best movies in Indian Cinema and Ranjith does not disappoint us with Loham. Although Loham isn't a perfect film it paves the way for new generation commercial cinema. Our neighbours from Kollywood and Tollywood can definitely take some lessons from Director Ranjith and Malayalam Cinema on how to make a good action thriller without the usual stereotypical elements. The climax of the film is quite fun and has the complete Ranjith brand all over it. Ranjith has done a decent job in delivering a commercial entertainer that meets the sensibilities of the new-generation audiences.

Overall, Loham is a decent one time watch but could have been much more if the ace director had focused on creating a more convincing and interesting screenplay.

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