Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu

Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu

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“A complete family entertainer that offers some good laughs and gives a strong message.”

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Family entertainers are Kerala's favourite past time. And so on the wheels of this golden chariot comes Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu directed by debut director Benny Thomas. And he feels plagued by the need to play to this gallery of sop and sob.

Madhu is back as the head of an aristocratic Muslim family, Soya Sahib who puts the ox in orthodox. The overall tolerance to other communities and religions are low, instigated by his son, Khoya (Siddique) and Narayana Kurup (Saikumar) with bloodshed that runs deep. Jayaram is Dr Madhavan Kutty brought to treat Kasim Bhai, followed by a case of assumed identity fuelled confusion propelled by Anwar (Asif Ali), Kasim Bhai's nephew.

Benny rehashes an old plot - the triggers are all the same, a pointless, prolonged family feud, comedy of errors, imposters, slapstick jokes. And so things are pretty much going haywire till Jayaram saves the day.

The film is upbeat and full of energy, grand pictures of wealth and aristocracy, but irrespective of how attractively he has packaged it for the masses, the themes that the film makes such a literal song and dance about are neglected, forgotten and on pension plans by now. There is no need to subject yourself to another one, we left this stuff back in the 90s.

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