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Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu

Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu

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Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu is a drama movie directed by Benny Thomas and stars Jayaram and Asif Ali in the lead role


“A complete family entertainer that offers some good laughs and gives a strong message.”

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Family doesn't fade like Mylanchi

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Anwar (Asif Ali) and Waheeda (Kaniha) hailing from an orthodox Muslim family, are cousins, and Waheeda is all set to be married the next day. Anwar is tensed because he is incharge of helping her elope with a Hindu man, Madhavan Kutty (Jayaram) she has been in love with. Anwar asks his best friend Ramesh to help Waheeda elope. Unaware of any danger, Ramesh helps Waheeda, but her alert family members track her down at the railway station and mistake Ramesh to be the man she is eloping with. Waheeda's short tempered father Qasim (Siddique) shoots Ramesh, Waheeda manages to still elope with Madhavan Kutty.

The family shuns Waheeda, her father goes to jail for 7 years for killing Ramesh. On returning from jail, he meets with a freak accident and is paralysed. Meanwhile Anwar goes to meet Waheeda and Madhavan Kutty to request him to come and cure Qasim from his paralysed state. The only condition being, he should change his name and convince everyone in the family that he is a Muslim - Why? Because people from other religions are not allowed into the house!

Madhavan Kutty agrees to help his father-in-law and abides by all conditions with just a goal to make him walk again and see a smile on Waheeda's face. The experiences he encounters, the tower of lies that is built and all the other sub plots make this movie a good one-time watch. The comedy timing of all characters and the subtle jokes about Muslim life are enjoyable. The story has a message that humanity and relationships are above religion, probably because a choice of the latter causes unrest in the society now a days.

Benny Joseph has made a decent directorial debut, the movie drags a bit in the second half and makes the comedy scenes look forced. Music by Afsal Yusuf complements the storyline.

It's nice to see Jayaram back in action. Kaniha looks weird, sometimes pretty, and sometimes ugly. Meera Nandan, Asif Ali, veteran actor Madhu, Siddique, Baburaj and all others have done a good job.

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