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“Mili finally turns up, but alas, it's 'rilli' not worth the wait.”

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Nivin Pauly


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Mili is a safe bet, with its neat frames, inventive narration and a beautiful Amala Paul with no makeup. Technically sound, this movie is totally different in its pace and attire from Rajesh Pillai's previous work, Traffic. The pieces of the story have been put together quiet well, the narration is smart but there is a lack of excitement and ingenuity in the overall storyline.

The story is quiet predictable for a coming-of-age drama that talks about socially awkward people. We know that it almost always ends with the reformed protagonist delivering a rock-n-roll speech, while the crowd applauds in acceptance, but that's okay, that's the easiest way to inspire the audience and give a fulfilling happy ending. But Mili despite its excellent first half rushes a bit towards the end and then stops abruptly before letting us sink in the feeling of optimism.

Missteps aside, Mili still deserves praise for getting so many things right about what it feels to be isolated, shy and experience unreciprocated love. The cast of Mili is brilliant, had the dialogues been not so bland, this movie had every potential to be a masterpiece. Nevertheless it is still worth a binge watch for the fine filmmaking, good music, acting performances and is certainly one of the best releases of 2015 so far.

Mili Nair (Amala Paul) is a lonely, introverted young woman who is too scared to say a no or make choices for herself in life. The harsh realities of becoming an adult frustrates her and she can't quiet find the courage to move out of her comfort zone where she is cocooned under the care of a supportive father (Sai Kumar) and her local guardian, Nancy (Praveena). Her safe world tumbles before her when she loses her job and gets ignored by her secret crush and hostel mates. She is left to face life alone as her father refuses to help her out. Such is a time when she finds a guide in Naveen (Nivin Pauly), Nancy's brother and he inspires her to fight the uncertainties and stay strong.

It is a delight to see this film depicts certain everyday situations in smart ways such as the use of a chat box in the frame itself to show Mili's facebook activity or a buffering screen to show Nancy's Skype conversation with her husband. Such are the little things that makes Mili a good watch despite its predictability.

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