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Directed by : Jespal Shanmugham

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“Mithram offers absolutely nothing other than torture all through it's run time. Poor script, pathetic performances, cliched cliches and terrible cinematography, do yourselves a favor and skip this one!”

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Ashkar Saudan


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Please do yourselves a favour and miss this one.

Rated 1.0 / 5

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When Jespal Shanmugam decided to brand Mithram as a horror film, he was not entirely off the mark. It is a horrifically bad film and if Jespal Shanmugam did not know that he is living in a crippling delusion and it is time for an intervention. And if he did, then i think the man owes me an apology.

Breaking glass, dried leaves of fall, haunted house, dated camera tricks, nubile girl in a white gown, and gross make up, no cliche has been spared in the making of this film. Then there are jarring sound effects, together with comically bad acting by Akshar Saudhan as Madhavan from a bygone era and Siddharthan from the present day. He is joined by Gauri Krishna and Surya Kiran as Meera and Jini.

Siddhu is a journalist who is spurred on by a dream to conduct an investigation that takes him from one improbability to another all in the span of one night. The scriptwriter then really does a number on us and throws a love triangle into the batter - also to justify his tagline 'horror of love'. In essence the film narrates the chance meeting between reality and dreams. Except I think the filmmakers are confused by the difference between a dream and the paranormal.

The film is quick to trip your sense and no sequence, or tactful negotiation with the ghost, or appearance of yesteryear actor, Devan, can lend the film any credibility or redemption. Mithram is a boiling mess of the past, present, love, horror, and under the weight of this burden I cracked and walked out of the hall in an act of self preservation.

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