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Odum Raaja Adum Raani

Odum Raaja Adum Raani

3.2 28 Ratings

Directed by : Viju Varma

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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“Odum Raaja Adum Raani disappoints despite having a solid plot and good performances. Bad direction and cheap humor makes it strictly average. One time watch! ”

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Tini Tom

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Odum Raja Aadum Rani

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Odum Raja Adum Rani is one of those movies that leave you terribly disappointed. Not the kind of disappointment you get watching a Humshakals (that could probably be your brain crying in agony) but the kind of disappointment you get seeing a good opportunity getting wasted in the wrong hands. This story had a lot of potential to stand out as a film with a social cause but failed to so 'cause of some serious missteps from the filmmaker's side.

Major fails- a) the producers failed to identify their audience and sent a completely wrong message about the film with its so called Naadan-comedy-entertainment title when the movie was anything but entertainment material. By the time the film got over, there was hardly anyone left in the theatre. People who came in expecting some brainless entertainment must have walked out after intermission knowing they got in for some serious shit and the ones who would have probably cared to watch it for its content must have missed it because of the detracting poster. In short -bad PR.

b) I assume the director got confused as to how he should craft the movie to fit into some genre and instead of sorting that muddle in his head, he appended the real story with some crassy low grade humour and outdated song drama.

Ignore some second rated TV-soap-sort farces for the first 20 minutes to reach the crust of the story. Then we have some plausible drama and it limns the hardships of homosexuals in a rural Malayalee society.

Venkedi (Tini Tom) is a street pedlar who sells women's accessories for a living. He is forced to leave for a distant village for work when caught having an affair with the wife of an ex-military man. And thus ends up sharing a house with Thamburu (Manikantan Pattambi), a Karakattam performer in a new village and settles there for business. Thamburu develops a crush on Venkedi and becomes insecure when he sees him with other women. The movie then candidly explores the subjects of transvestism, society's ignorance of homosexuality and the miseries of Karakattam artists.

There is an unpleasant jarring contrast between the beginning and the ending of the film and I blame it on the bad editing. Towards the end, certain scenes felt like some documentary rip off and the background score was painfully off the center with too much dramatization.

Interested in the lives of Eunuchs? Here, let me suggest you something better- Watch the Harsh Beauty (2005)by Alessandra Zeka.

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