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An alcoholic duo, met at a de-addiction center helps each other to arrange their lives back together with their persistent illness. Pambu Joy's married life is in a muddle due to his alcoholism. Pavada Babu's life is in pieces due to a film he produced, in which Sicily was the heroine. For financial gain the film was adultera...more


“Pavada is a fun filled ride with a strong message”

Pavada Audience Review

Paavada doesn’t hit the bull’s eye but still ends up as a watchable entertainer.

Rated 3.0 / 5

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There is no doubt that Prithviraj and Anoop Menon are two of the finest talents in Malayalam cinema. So when the duos join together for a film, the output is expected to be magical. Is that the case with Paavada? Unfortunately, that is not the case. The two ace actors have put in a lot of energy and effort into their performances, but the direction is not up to the mark. Paavada ends up as a watchable movie that engages you in parts. The first half is loaded with some wonderful comedy sequences that bring the roof down with laughter. The chemistry shared between Prithviraj and Anoop Menon is a treat for the audiences. Prithviraj hasn't tried the comedy genre in a long time, so it is a refreshing change to see the actor experiment. Anoop Menon plays his role with complete ease and makes one feel as if he is truly living his role in the film.

The makeup of Prithviraj's character is wonderful and makes you feel as if he is a real drunkard. Alcoholics will definitely find the first half to be their cup of tea. In fact, even tea-totallers may feel like boozing when seeing the fun scenes between Anoop Menon and Prithviraj. Both characters are extremely naughty in the first half and provide the audiences with several hilarious moments. What's more is that every director knows the film is not complete without the presence of Nedumudi Venu The veteran star spices up the humour sequences with his natural performance and makes you feel good. Despite a really good first half, the second ends up to be the real downfall for the film.

During the second half, the film starts to fall apart due to substandard direction. There is a lot of Indian melodrama and dragging sequences, which also involve a lot of crying scenes. Some of these sequences could have been shortened and perhaps the film could have been edited in a better manner to make it more appealing. The plot is nothing special, but meets the criteria for family drama. The only person who brings some sigh of relief during the dragging sequences is Siddique. No matter, how bad a film Siddique is one actor who has shown his calibre in all sorts of roles. One can clearly see why the versatile actor agreed to star in this script, as his role is quite a cool one. Siddique is also known to have several different looks for his films and here too it comes with a surprise. The talented actor plays the role of a classy Malayalee Iyer lawyer. Although the film has its share of negatives it can be not be termed as a boring movie.

If the director had focused on creating a more interesting screenplay this film could have been so much better. All in all it's a passable one-time watch.

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