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Story of an Indian politician in America.


“Despite Mohanlal's presence, Peruchazhi fails to impress because of its lagging second half, run-of-the-mill songs, and a half-witted climax. Unless you're a Mohanlal fan, skip it.”

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Peruchazhi - Not again!

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In Peruchazhi (bandicoot), Mohanlal returns with more trophies on his shelf, more smug gyaan, and more punchlines. In this absolute insult to human intelligence and sentiments of a film, Mohanlal stars as Jagannath, who along with Jabbar (Babu Raj) and Varkey (Aju Varghese) are sent to America to help bumbling Republican John Kory win the governor election of California.

Getting to America is an embarrassing and crass string of antics. And before we break for half time the three have successfully insulted Indians, Americans, Black people, Chinese people, and women. In the meantime the film draws reference after reference to evergreen Mohanlal films and roles in a desperate attempt to keep the audience (primarily comprising fans who were there to see their fading demigod).

While Jagan, Jabbar and Varkey under the guidance of director Arun Vaidyanathan are busy making a mockery of themselves and American politics - the story takes one predictable turn after another to the tune of painful comedy and an item number with the American flag in the backdrop.

Mukesh as Francis Kunjappan is there to add more glory to an already bloated Jagan. Georgekutty from Akkara Kazhchakal is a pleasant surprise in a cameo appearance. The rest of the cast fill up the screen and the lost hours without much else.

If you are able to endure the rest of the film you either deserve an award for tolerance or have killed any good sense with repeated exposure to films like Peruchazhi.

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