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Directed by : Abrid Shine

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Poomaram is an upcoming Malayalam film staring Kalidas Jayaram

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Kalidas Jayaram

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Poomaram Review

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Growing older piles up decades of memories. The corridors you’ve once strolled through hand in hand with your classmates were now in the past. It’s pretty scary to know how quick time flies. 57 years later my grandma and 30 years later my aunt together set off to relive their nostalgic days at Maharaja’s college. And what they experienced was a walk down geriatric lane. Poomaram, teared them up, cheered them up & made them proud. They glared at the screen reminiscing bits & pieces of their college days while I sat there vexed. I was wondering why something that looked like an earnest feature film felt more like a monotonous talent show. That’s when it hit me that I shared no sentimental longing with the characters in the film and their urge to win the coveted championship cup.

Mahatma Gandhi Youth Festival is reckoned as the epitome of college life. Legend has it that the infamous tiff between St Teresa’s college & the Maharaja’s college for the trophy continues for eternity. In Poomaram, leaders of both the colleges chaperone their teams and the
team mates bid to do their best. The students strategize all night, practise all day and spend numerous days dreaming of bringing home the championship trophy. The preparations for the competition sets the mood of the film from the very beginning.

The sisterhood between the St. Teresa’s girls and the closely knit bond between the Maharaja’s students and their leader captures our unattended attention. Kalidasan Jayaram plays Gautham, the Benevolent leader of Maharaja’s who works in close liaison with his team mates. He is an aspiring poet who spends most of his time on screen either leaning on pillars crooning poems or having his team’s back. Even the slightest mishaps that happen within the team lands on his shoulders. Neeta Pillai as Irene is clearly cut out for her role. She delivers a promising performance as the chairperson of her team leading the team
steadfast with iron fists.

There are a few moments when love sparks between team mates and cupids fly across college boundary walls other than that the story is pretty much free from lingering feelings. The main leads on the other hand are busy chasing the championship title crossing paths with each other from time to time. The story flows in the form of a musical with snippets of the good old college days which you can flip through your brains in chronological order.

If youth festivals are your thing, then Poomaram will unshakle your treasure chest of memories.

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