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Release Date : | Length : 107 Minutes

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Rasam is a family-drama movie directed by Rajeev Nath and stars Mohanlal in the lead role


“This Rasam turned out to be a bit too bland. Needs more seasoning guys!”

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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Rasam is about Balu (Indrajith Sukumaran), a typical specimen of Kerala youth with a B.Tech and an MBA degree to his credit and no job in hand. He is the son of renowned Sadya chef, Valliyottu Thirumeni (Nedumudi Venu) who is so good with his culinary skills that he is approached by Superstar Mohanlal himself to take up a Sadhya task for his friend Menon's (Devan) daughter's wedding. But the wedding is taking place in Doha and hence Thirumeni and his catering team are required to relocate to Doha until the wedding gets over. Balu accompanies his father on the journey and the film is about how it changes Balu's life forever.

There is no depth to any of the character sketches in this movie and the script is one bland, tedious affair. But the toughest part of all while watching Rasam would be reconciling it with its director Rajeev Nath. Rajeev has the reputation of winning a National Award and State Film Award for his movies Janani and Thanal. He is also the director of critically acclaimed Mohanlal movie Pakal Nakshatrangal. Rasam has nothing new to offer in theme or narration and its outdated humour could make you cringe at times. There is a song that erupts out of nowhere after intermission which makes some embarrassing attempts at graphics that it appears as if someone just inserted a clip of Maggi commercial in the roll. Yes, there are animated carrots and eggplants prancing in the frame while Indrajith delivers a Sadhya song number. Such is the amateurishness of this movie.

Rasam could be a bit too sour for your taste if you are someone who doesn't really care about Mohanlal's screen presence. A one-time watch family movie for others.

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