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Sand City

Sand City

2.9 23 Ratings

Directed by : Shankar Panicker

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Sand City- Movie Review

Rated 1.0 / 5
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Just one week into 2015 and I can already say that this movie will still be one of the worst movies of the year. Shankar has already ruined my year with two simultaneous disasters- Akashangalil and now Sand City. A perfect example of shoddy film making, this one teaches you how not to try making one.

Bad editing, zero lip sync and horrible acting are just half of the disaster in this movie which has no reasons to exist. It begins showing the story of several Indian expatriates working in Dubai and the story is somewhat a decent affair. But Shankar's direction, the unbelievably pathetic acting of everyone involved over shadows it.

Anand has come to Dubai in search of a decent job to support his ailing sister with the help of Mansoor. He make friends with Mansoor's roommates and the rest of the film runs as parallel subplots on how each of them is struggling in the foreign land in different ways. Mansoor's girlfriend Poornima is a waitress in Dubai and she has arrived there to pay off the debts of her family back in India. She gets into major trouble when her boss, who has a crush on her get in touch with her money lender. Together they pressurize her to pay the debt off immediately or sleep with one of them instead. Every other subplot gets linked to this in some way or the other and that's good, but only if some sensible person made this movie.

The story could be something that NRI Keralites might relate themselves to, but they are sure to get repulsed by all other aspects of its filmmaking. The movie is directed by actor Shankar and written by M.I.Vasanthkumar. Not worth your money or time.

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