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3.6 193 Ratings

Directed by : Jiju Jacob

Release Date : | Length : 129 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Vellimoonga is a comedy movie directed by Jiju Jacob and stars Asif Ali in the lead role


“Vellimoonga is a simple film without a huge star cast to boast about. The movie entertains with good humour, decent songs and great performances. Biju Menon steals the show. Go watch it!”

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Old wine, old bottle.

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Biju Menon is at home in the skin of comedy and Vellimoonga is his parade as Mammachen, a politician and bachelor. And Aju Varghese who is becoming increasingly recognisable as the sidekick returns as Paachan to be the sounding board to Mammachen's wit. Then there is a supporting framework that includes Tini Tom, KPAC Lalitha, Siddique, Lena, Asif Ali and a clutch of other actors that complete the population of the small town. In this nondescript setting, the political context and references to Delhi seem almost incongruous.

The story is spun around Mammachen's skill to be able to catalyse and set things in motion - he is the ultimate middleman. On one hand while Mammachen the politician is pulling wool over their hawk-eyes with the glittering promise of Delhi, on the other Mammachen the aging lover has fallen for a pious doe-eyed girl, and her roots go deeper into Mammachen's past than we are prepared for. The rest of the film shows how Mammachen conquers it all with cunning and conniving.

The film is lukewarm but it is also the better political comedy of the year - with some grade-A wit and repartee. Performances are alright, music is alright, story is all too familiar and alright. Vellimoonga is a film we have all seen before but it keeps the audience laughing, even in the tears and upheaval there is Mammachen's tongue in cheek that keeps the mood light. The audience is safe and protected from anything dark or bleak and there are generous laughs throughout the two hour running time.

The film does not intend to question or give opinion or even raise an eyebrow. It is only meant to stupefy the audience with tricks and hysterics till they are done, both the movie and the people.

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