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A raging Battle with Anger

  • Megna Santhosh

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    Desimartini | Updated - July 08, 2017 2:19 AM IST
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    KaliWatch trailerRelease date : March 26, 2016

    When the world doesn't run the way we want it to; we tend to relieve it's frustrations on others through Rage. The daily struggle with the missing keys, annoying colleagues and noisy relatives is not rocket science which gobbles up your brains but these are tiny dollops of fuel which contribute to a raging fire. For instance, when you are on a treasure hunt for your car keys in the morning and miserably fail in finding them, travel all the way to your workplace by foot and to your worst nightmares you're welcomed by a vexing co-worker with an irksome body language followed by a truckload of scum-bags impatiently waiting in line to prick you with infuriating questions, I reckon after all this capos trophy you'll be back home with a volcano head all set to erupt. Director Sameer Thahir's movie Kali sails through a similar context washing us overboard with a thrilling climax.

    Dulquer Salman plays Sidharth who has been possessed by short-temper at a very tender age. His sneaky affair with anger-management continues all the way from school to his college days and his married life. Sai Pallavi plays Anjali Sidharth's college sweetheart who is his backbone throughout his battle with anger. With hardly airbrushed blemishes Anjali wins a place in the hearts of her audience as the young wife struggling with her husband's anger intolerance. Whether it's in public, at home or workplace Sidharth loses his temper. And when he does things get ugly.

    It was one such night which led to an array of life threatening consequences in Sidharth and Anjali's life. (SPOILER ALERT) From thugs seizing Sidharth to a low life groping Anjali the story with a face of a down-to-earth drama swaps seats with an action thriller to keep its audience on the edge of their seats. (SPOILER ALERT) As the movie nears its end it even shifts gear to an unexpected twist and ends with a note on feminism.

    It is the innovative way of placing the bits and pieces of the story together into a movie which is interesting to sit through. Despite starring alongside the super hero of Mollywood Sai Pallavi's dynamic performance was at par with Dulquer's power pact debut. With a little bit of sugar and spice from the supporting actors Kali flies to the pinnacle of its success. Seasoned with the right style of Cinematography which alone deserves a standing ovation and top-end execution of stunts as well as the blood-boiling background scores cooks up a wholesome three course satisfactory entertainer for its viewers.

    A must watch if you do or do not face anger issues cause it's just worth the time!

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