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    Desimartini | Updated - November 21, 2014 19:54 PM IST
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    Verdict - A one-time watch

    Lal Bahadhur Shastri Watch trailerRelease date : November 21, 2014

    Rejishh Midhila's directoral debut, Lal Bahadur & Shasthri takes no chances at experimentation and timidly proceeds on the same familiar tracks of narration that we've been seeing in recent Malayalam flicks for a while. Yet another movie that opens with the sperm-ovum-fertilization joke and a subsequent banal narrative on the birth story of the protagonist. There isn't much of ingenuity as for the script is concerned but nevertheless the director had managed to put up a watchable show.

    Jayasurya plays Lal, the central character who is a goody two-shoes country lad from Kuttanad. Nedumudi Venu and Aju Varghese plays the other two title roles of Bahadur and Shasthri respectively.

    Past the cliched plot of countryside drudgery, the movie catches up pace when Lal sets out for Kochi in search of a promised job. He is met with Bahadur- an old man with a drinking problem, in bus who brings about some good chuckle-worthy moments in the film. Then we meet Shastri -a struggling farmer, who doesn't have much to offer to the storyline. Seems like his role was invented for the sake of the desired title. They could have considered lottery selling kid for that instead, even though if it wouldn't have made much sense that way. Nevertheless he played his part well. And so did Jayasurya. I wouldn't have stayed through the movie if it weren't for their acting. The newbie actress Sandra Simon has been dragged in between to complete the romance quotient.

    The story revolves around a winning lottery ticket worth ₹ 1crore that goes missing from Jayasurya due to certain turn of events. The rest of the movie describes the ticket chase and all the isolated characters get connected to the central theme as the chase proceeds. As expected, the chasing doesn't go about smoothly but then after a while it seemed like the writer was in a haste to reach a happy ending and so then we see everything getting magically linked in a set of coincidences towards the end.

    For an average comedy film, there isn't much of low brow humor stuff if we ignore the usual insipid attempts of Mala Aravindan. And I did laugh at a couple of scenes. But then for a movie which pretends to disguise itself as a comic flick with all those jingly jangly fonts and animated posters, there isn't much of noteworthy humor either.

    If a play-it-safe family movie is what Rejishh Midhila had aimed for, then one could say that LBS did just that. A one- time watchable flick and perhaps a better option than an Anoop Menon Dolphin, if you are planning to take your kids along. Don't walk in with much expectation and you wouldn't be disappointed.

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    Rated 3.0November 21, 2014

    Lal Bahadhur & Shastri Review

    Rejishh Midhila's directoral debut, Lal Bahadur & Shasthri takes no chances at experimentation and timidly proceeds on the same familiar tracks...read more