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A typical coming-of-age film made in an ‘atypical’ manner to dish out an engrossing affair

  • Anupama Sajeet

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    Desimartini | Updated - August 28, 2018 10:44 AM IST
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    PremamWatch trailerRelease date : May 29, 2015

    Premam, a 2015 release directed by Alphonse Puthren, is a typical coming-of-age movie treated in an ‘atypical’ manner to dish out an engrossing, adorable affair. The storyline is fairly simplistic like its tagline that reads 'nothing extraordinary in it' and deals with the heartaches & infatuations George (Nivin Pauly again), your average young man, goes through growing up, while scouting for the elusive “true love”. The film traces his life & heart’s journey over a period of two decades, via his three crushes :–
    First, a pretty girl from his school, who is basically sought after by most of the boys from his neighborhood but who is in a relationship with another guy- thus leading to his first heartbreak. His second crush is his young & sassy college professor, a Tamilian lass (a charming act by newcomer Sai Pallavi), for whom he falls hook, line & slinker. She also seems to reciprocate his feelings but in a tragic turn of events, loses her memory in an accident and can barely recognize him or even recall her present, leave alone the special bond they shared. This leaves him devastated for a very long time. Eventually with time and some maturity, George mellows down and gets over this traumatic loss . Setting up his own business, he immerses himself into it completely. And that is when he runs into his final lady love, who eventually ends up as the love of his life!

    This movie reflects the Director’s competence to raise a mediocre plot to a ground breaking level, purely based on its content-detailing & treatment. The film has been made with a perfect blend of comical elements which keep the tempo of the film zingy & entertaining. Some of its characters and punch lines have acquired cult status among the masses, with the film going on to become the highest grossing Malayalam movie at the worldwide box office! Its phenomenal success has propelled its remakes in other South Indian languages like Telugu.