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  • Go on, take the law in your hands

    Sreeja Sreedharan

    Desimartini | Updated - October 03, 2014 22:49 PM IST
    3.0DM (92 ratings)

    Verdict - A refreshing Prithviraj, different plot but could have been better. Comedy and Satire go hand in hand.

    Tamaar PadaarWatch trailerRelease date : October 03, 2014

    To start with, one must wonder why the movie has an unusual name. 'Tamaar' and 'Padaar' are most common words used in comics, more on the lines of 'Dishoom' or 'Aarrghhh'.

    During the first half the audience go through the nitty-gritties in the lives of Jumper Thambi (Baburaj) and Tubelight Mani (Chemban Vinodh). The former is circus stuntman who can bend iron rods with his neck and never misses an opportunity to display his stunts in a public gathering. The latter is also a stuntman who breaks tubelights on this body to enthrall public. Both are sent to jail for crimes they never have done, while one in accused for killing a leopard and the other for being involved with a prostitute. However they do not meet in jail, their paths cross and many a drinks down they decide to work together, as both are stuntmen they decide to attempt a circus stunt never tried before and how that lands them in jail as most-wanted terrorists is the story.

    Its only in the second half of the movie do you realize that Prithviraj is the hero, he doesn't make an entry till then. Welcome back Prithviraj, as SP Pouran. A dedicated and virtuous police officer who has an undying thirst to be the quintessential citizen and live true to his name. He invariably gets caught in his own web while trying wipe crime out of the country and how does he correct his mistakes while on duty is the story.

    The background narration is what takes the cake in the movie, Prithviraj's twisted Trivandrum accent warrants for a few laughs. Dileesh Nair's direction should have been crisper because half way through the audience almost wondered if they were watching the right movie. The first half is spawned out while the second half is crammed with information, sentiment and morals being doled out. Music and background score by Bijibal is good, the "thaadi song" which glorifies different kinds of beards is awesome. Prithviraj looks hot as ever and the absence of a heroine is never felt.

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