• Rahul Bharadwaj
    Rahul Bharadwaj
    Rated 3.0 April 20, 2018

    Nanu Ki Jaanu Review

    Verdict - Not a masterpiece but you can see it once for comedy and a sincere presentation !

    Naanu Ki Jaanu is the kind of movie which you go to watch with some less or kind of zero expectations. Then the director ends up surprising you w... read more

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  • Smita Vyas Kumar
    Smita Vyas Kumar
    Rated 3.5 April 20, 2018

    Beyond the clouds there are clear skies

    Verdict - A hugely dramatic movie that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

    Beyond the Clouds is a classic roller-coaster ride, taking you on emotional highs and then mud-scraping lows. The movie set in Mumbai follows th... read more

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  • Rahul Bharadwaj
    Rahul Bharadwaj
    Rated 0.5 April 14, 2018

    October has no story. No screenplay. No soul. Rest of it is a masterpiece!

    You will walk out of the theater feeling sorry for Varun Dhawan. He has given his last bit to this movie as an actor. Minus him this movie is a... read more

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  • Manik Saggar
    Manik Saggar
    Rated 3.0 April 13, 2018

    A sweet film that occasionally tugs at your heartstrings.

    If I were to crudely describe this film to someone, I would describe it as a cross between Martin Scorsese's Hugo and The Beauty and the Beast. Bot... read more

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  • thakurbhupin
    Rated 4.0 April 08, 2018

    Hit Shot

    Fantastic movie, specially Tiger Coming Super Hero in Industry. DIRECTOR Ahmed Khan superb. Movie contains all the elements. Negitive is its slow ... read more

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  • Rahul Bharadwaj
    Rahul Bharadwaj
    Rated 3.5 April 06, 2018

    Blackmail Review

    Verdict - A loser turns winner as he decides to get even with a cheating wife !

    Irrfan Khan is an actor who does not need a script most of the times. His presence and stares based acting makes us forget some weakest movie plo... read more

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  • Mansi Shaw
    Mansi Shaw
    Rated 4.5 April 03, 2018

    For Students and Teachers

    I'm very influenced from you ... In fact ye movie Sare school me dikhana chaiye trust me Rani mam Teacher ki smjh ayega wo har chiz ko neglect kart... read more

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  • Nitin Vaid
    Nitin Vaid
    Rated 4.0 April 01, 2018

    Very nice movie!!

    Its a classic speilberg! The movie is very fast paced, and exciting ridles, though, you could see some extracts resembling his other movies, but n... read more

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  • fahadahmed61
    Rated 4.0 March 26, 2018

    I actually had real laughter while watching this one

    Verdict - Will give you a good time

    This can be a mood refreshing movie. Caution : Dont watch it with your girlfriend, might not end well ? One cannot just simple watch this mov... read more

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  • Neha Rawal
    Neha Rawal
    Rated 4.0 March 24, 2018

    The movie of relavance

    Verdict - Great movie to watch for fearlessf IT Raids.

    As the name suggests the movie is about a Raid. An Income Tax Raid on a white house. Set in the 80's this movie is based on a true story in lucknow... read more

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  • Dev Raj Gulati
    Dev Raj Gulati
    Rated 3.0 March 22, 2018

    Small is beautiful.

    Verdict - For the discerning audience.

    The movie under review is a combo of three short stories.Each story is independent of each other and has a streak of contemporary thought. Story ... read more

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  • Kreetika Kt
    Kreetika Kt
    Rated 2.0 March 12, 2018

    A overly super-human girl story

    The plot seems ok, quite predictable. Found it as one time watch only. The leading lady of the movie has extraordinary strength to deal with bad an... read more

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